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( ) IZZO! ( Agile. since the lockout seems to be an issue with alot of these has anyone considered converting the shock to a manual lever? It's nice to see a not black bike up in here, can't wait to get mine! [selected] => I don’t think it is 69.5 degrees. [subPages] => Array Staff Writer Ed is a downhiller at heart but has been riding bikes of all types since a young age. To be able to use YT USA in full range, we recommend activating Javascript in your browser.

Believe me you are leaving a lot of performance on the table by not getting the shock set up and working in open mode. Maybe still too early to tell, but I guess the "chainstay rub" is proving to be a non-issue? This means that the IZZO is extremely balanced. It could be a combo of the having the front fork on full open while rear is 'locked' per say is why. [target] =>

It fits on the rear shock with room to spare with no adapters.

[id] => 48 Of the four 29ers we tested in Marin County, the YT Izzo had the longest legs. Finally some more extensive real-world reviews on Youtube and looks pretty good: I'd like to see a comparison with the Izzo and something like a Jeffsy 29. I'm gonna have to start over with the shock setup tomorrow. Finally got my bike yesterday!

I agree with all of your points. Don't miss out on MBUK – get your next 3 issues for just £5, Get the next 3 issues of the UK's number one cycling magazine for just £5, With a great frame shape, suspension and build kit, the Izzo is capable of attacking everywhere, GBP £4,599.00 RRP Same thing with Pleasanton Ridge.

If the twistloc fails or the cable tension is too low your shock will be locked. See the first look of our latest test bike, the YT IZZO Pro Race! [optionname] => M So it's disconcerting why YT sends you a bike with a couple of feet of extra cables hanging out, lock-outs with too much slack or not working correctly, shocks pumps that don't fit their shocks or not set-up to the default pressures, bent rotors, etc. [link] =>

[description] => DATA PROTECTION This is the same thing just not precut: Congrats! I've searched, but not found much good info. The primer was incredibly poppy though and this does feel a bigger bike. I would check your cable for slack.

I'm about 210-212 ready to ride. Yeah I remember seeing the first guy riding through the forest area which looked good. The Pro Race, Pro and Comp models come with variations of FOX 34 fork, FOX Float DPS rear suspension, SRAM drivetrains and brakes, and with the FOX Transfer Factory or YT Postman dropper posts to complete the package.

Again, I understand the confusion on the TwistLoc system as for Rockshox it does the opposite vs Fox.

Youtube video) did you use to learn the best technique for applying it? Those hubs should be a nice addition too. That makes sense. [link] => ( Thank you for signing up. That number is the effective (sagged) seat tube angle provided by YT. [selected] =>

The Evil Following also has less rear travel but is a degree, The Izzo is not a bruiser. I've contacted YT. Honestly, most of Mt Diablo I can ride up and down on my drop bar bike. I think most people buying the Izzo are realistically coming from something with longer travel and not the XC side. I hear so many mixed opinions about the Rekon that I'm struggling to get onboard with it, but it does seem like a viable option for the rear. Very precise and quick to spin up. By now we know it pedals well and is fast in that respect, but don't expect to be literally as fast as an XC bike. Diablo. But not that mini. [2] => Array ) I know that you are coming from a hardtail and that the locked out "trail" mode in the shock feels like it has suspension. [info] => ausverkauft The Ripley and SB130 both with GX builds. Unlike YT’s trail bikes, every size fits a regular old water bottle cage. [parentID] => 0 [description] => YT USA - General Terms and Conditions

But with all due respect, giving a company a pass on shoddy quality control won't happen if it doesn't. [ordernumber] => 2020570.4 You must be looking at the Pro in Green size M. I don't think you need to be troubled about them having your money, YT is an established bike manufacturer that isn't going to run off with your money. How does the new 130mm-travel, 29in-wheeled XC/trail weapon handle out on the trails? We are the best online resource for information for mountain bikers of all abilities, ages and interests.

Frame details include fully internal cable routing, integrated chainstay protection (but none on the down tube) and space for a full-size bottle. [link] => [childrenCount] => 0 It requires tension to overcome the spring in the compression lever and open the damper.

A true everyday mountain bike with the typical YT DNA.

Dont see how your BB measurement is right? I’d think enduro tires might diminish the speed and performance this bike is capable bud’s Ripley came with Forcasters and he switched over to Vittoria Agarros saying they are fast, responsive, and predictable in grip.

YT is shaking things by introducing a sharp-looking trail bike to the family. [subPages] => Array 2 Sep 2020. It's fun to go faster down hill but it's not technical really and the significantly slower climbing wasn't really worth the effort. I've never ridden a Scalpel or an Epic, but the Izzo seems like a very different bike. You can also cancel before November for a refund. [target] => weight shown is for size S bike, with tubes, no pedals, no bottle, 31.6 mm | S 100 mm / M 125 mm / L 150 mm / XL - XXL 170 mm. I forgot the lines went Comp>Pro>Pro Race. I think we're used to people saying it walks on water when we hear reviews of the Ripley and SB 130s from the dentist crowd. The reach on my size XL is 492mm with a 1240mm wheelbase, and the bottom bracket drop can be set to 40mm or 35mm, depending on the position of the flip chip. Unpack it, put it together and go hit the trails!

A short travel trail bike with 130mm of travel that doesn't want to be an all mountain but a super light tool for classic trail riding. Its sleek carbon frame certainly looks the part, and the brand’s direct-sale model allows it to undercut many rivals on price, especially lower down the range. [buyable] => Array I also had a clunking noise when the cable was loose. Shock setup is personal and every rider is different. [optionname] => L Also, everyone on here and the pinkbike forums have said the same thing.


Do yourself a favour - sell the £80 / $80 rockshock grip shift thing for £\$50 on ebay and buy this £/$13 switch off amazon.
By submitting your comment you agree to our Privacy Policy. Only thing is...I really want both. ( I’m not having an issue with very tight technical catch berms.
The Izzo is basically a mini Jeffsy. [mapping] => gBottom2 Your email address will not be published. I'm just saying I don't feel a drastic difference. [childrenCount] => 0 Personally, I'd go with 140.

He drew his sword so fast that his opponent could not see it.

Open mode should really feel awesome and smooth out the trail as well as provide more traction to the rear wheel.

No rights can be derived from incorrect information. [user_selected] => We just know that there are some damn fine reasons to do so.

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Yes, the smaller ones. I did enjoy the SB130 in Joaquin Miller and the Ripley at Rockville park. The Launch Edition is limited to 150 bikes worldwide, and boasts high-performance and high-tech components, while the unique colorway is a feast for your eyes. [info] => verfuegbar ab KW 03 For those of you thinking of getting or who have already purchased an Izzo, I wanted to provide an update about getting a shock pump to work. Quick question, does the shock come with air pumped to some default value ready to ride or do we have to wait for the new part before we can ride it?

[subPages] => Array I have a buddy that rides from his house in Walnut Creek and one from Danville to it. [optionID] => 60 1, Array Be in the know with our family talk and the first to get the word about: Your personal data will be treated as strictly confidential and won’t be shared with any third or even fourth party (in accord with the YT handshake policy). In order to see a balanced geometry across all framesizes, the chainstays in frame sizes XL and XXL are proportional to the main frame by 5 mm. Has it been confirmed that a dpx2 wont fit? I've just given up and not touched it anymore. Thanks to you all I should have anything extra that I might need for day 1 lol. Inspired by the sleek and simple design, yet impressive precision and effectiveness of the Katana sword used by Samurai in ancient Japan, the IZZO has been developed to be a fast, agile and sharp bike in both form and function. The chainstays are fairly compact, at 432mm (S–L) or 437mm (XL–XXL). Instead of trying to make another mini-enduro, they’ve really given the IZZO all the pedaling power of a pure trail bike, but with enough gravity DNA left in it to allow for some serious fun as well. lol. Coming off the 2.5, the 2.3 allowed very precise placement of the tire in our rocky, technical NE trails. This has been a leap of faith for me. It is so. It was probably sitting out on my porch all day, so I'm lucky I could scramble my nephew to get out there and put it in my house once I realized it had shipped. Why did you contact yt? [status] => 0

Torque Wrench (3NM-10NM; 3-6mm, reset) | Shock Pump (330psi/20.6bar; pressure relief valve) | Allen Key | Anti-Slip Paste. [user_selected] =>

Here's a quick question for all of you: If our bikes aren't going to be built until the end of July, beginning of August, and reports on delays from other brands are because of the lack of components supplies and not frames, will our Izzos ship with the new SRAM Eagle 520% cassettes now that it's been launched? [info] => verfuegbar ab KW 03 First Look: Transition powers new-gen 2015 bikes with GiddyUp suspension platform, Video: Christopher Walken and YT join forces.

That doesn't sound like a lot and people on this site love to say … Agree on all this too. ) Thanks in advance. Its what I wanted the primer mk2 to be, but sadly they increased the chainstays and kept the reach short. It's interesting seeing two contrasting styles of direct-to-consumer bike brands like YT and Fezzari. We all know this bike is in between All Mountain (or mini Enduro, or whatever it's supposed to be called now) and XC, but every comparison is with XC type of bikes. Will it feel like a major improvement going to the Izzo from the Primer or is it more a minor improvement. ( I have heard many people saying it's tedious and difficult, and having dealt with removing bubbles from some other products, I'm really hesitant to pick up this product. ) I ride there because my buddies do, but I prefer the other side of the bay where I live.

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The other thing you have to remember, it may only be 130mm but the Pro Racer has the top-end shocks that work a lot better than comparable GX-level build bike shocks at that same price. [buyable] => Array [status] => 0 SRAM’s 12-speed X01 Eagle drives things forward and its G2 RSC brakes bring things to a halt, with a powerful 200/180mm rotor pairing.

The ultimate bike: The IZZO Launch Edition! YT website re-routing to YT Germany website?

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