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“Steve,” he told the magazine The Guitar in 2014, “never sounded so good as he did with us.”, Spencer Davis, Whose Band Helped Power the Sound of the ’60s, Dies at 81. Hey baby I love you hey baby I need you By the start of the next year, the band had a No. I'm up in my years now nights would be cold now Mr. Davis grew up during the Blitz. Lyrics to 'The Blues Man' by George Jones.

That band contributed half the tracks to the soundtrack of the 1968 British comedy “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”; the rest were provided by Traffic. «© '80 Bocephus Music, BMI». Hey baby you Don't got to prove to me you're some kind of macho of man Hey baby I do get tired of this traveling band 3 in Britain but only No.

“Keep On Running” reached No.

It sold more than a million copies and became a touchstone of British R&B, as did its follow-up, “I’m a Man,” written by Steve Winwood and the group’s producer, Jimmy Miller. Don’t have an account? He played rhythm guitar in the band and occasionally sang lead vocals, lending his baritone voice mostly to blues-oriented material. to tell us what you think this song means. After graduating from the Dynevor School at 16, Mr. Davis moved to London and found clerical work with a bank and the government customs and excise department. The cause was pneumonia, said Bob Birk, his booking agent and friend, adding that Mr. Davis had been hospitalized for the last week. Written by Hunter, with music by Garcia, over the course of the 1973, as the U.S. role in Vietnam was winding to a less-than-triumphant close, the song always included the line about summertime having come and gone. He also became fluent in French and Spanish, skills that later helped his band become popular throughout Europe.

Music, however, remained his muse. The Spencer Davis Group in performance in London in 1966. For all the success Steve Winwood went on to enjoy, Mr. Davis always believed that Mr. Winwood had been rash in leaving his band at the height of its popularity.

In 1963, Mr. Davis discovered a group in a suburban Birmingham club, the Muff Woody Jazz Band, which included the musical prodigy Steve Winwood and his older brother Muff. His father was a paratrooper during World War II, while his Uncle Herman, who played mandolin, was a musical influence on young Spencer: At age 6 he learned harmonica and accordion. Featured Musicians…the heart and soul of Dr. Wu’ is Buddy Whittington is multi-talented guitarist and singer Buddy Whittington.

Im not a walk-behinder Im a new note finder In 2006, after many years working behind the scenes in the music business, he began touring again. The Spencer Davis Group’s peak arrived in late 1966 and early 1967 with a one-two punch, starting with “Gimme Some Lovin’,” written by Mr. Davis and the Winwood brothers, which was fired by Muff Winwood’s dynamic bass line but was most notable for his brother’s surging Hammond organ and ecstatic vocal.

'd in Denver. Even before the album’s release, Mr. Sawyer, who shared lead vocals on “Time Seller,” departed, replaced by Ray Fenwick.

Mr. Davis hired Steve Winwood for his band, taking on Muff, who switched from guitar to bass, only because he could drive his underage younger brother to gigs. To get a distinct tone for his lead guitar, Steve Winwood used the same fuzz pedal that Keith Richards had employed on the Rolling Stones hit “Satisfaction.”.

If you hadn't stuck it out with this blues man I was alone in the spot light not too much left in sight

But my name's a reminder of a blues man that's already gone In 2006 he began regularly touring with various musicians under the Spencer Davis Group banner, often including his original drummer, Pete York. Among musicians, he earned the nickname Professor. The group’s unsuccessful follow-up album, “Funky,” released in 1969, featured the future rhythm section of Elton John’s longstanding group: the bassist Dee Murray and the drummer Nigel Olsson.

From left: Steve Winwood, Mr. Davis and Muff Winwood.


After Mr. Winwood abruptly left the Spencer Davis Group in 1967 to form Traffic, Mr. Davis kept the band going through multiple incarnations. The band’s name was changed to the Spencer Davis Group in 1964. Spencer David Nelson Davies was born on July 17, 1939, in Swansea, Wales. With Pete York on drums, the group became known as the Rhythm and Blues Quartet and performed R&B covers in Birmingham clubs before landing a steady gig at London’s high-profile Marquee club. He also performed in a band (and became romantically involved) with Christine Perfect, who later married John McVie and, as Christine McVie, became a core member of Fleetwood Mac. “The bombed city center was my playground as a child,” he told the website Music Illuminati in 2016. I got so sick from speedin' all the things they said I was needing iff I was to keep on pleasing all of my fans I got cuffed on dirt roads I got sued over no shows She came and took all that old load down off this blues man And I sang hey baby I love you too hey baby I need you So I started drinkin' took some things that messed up my thinkin' ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Hits like “Gimme Some Lovin’” and “I’m a Man” made the Spencer Davis Group, based in Britain, famous worldwide and launched the career of its lead singer, Steve Winwood. Crushed by the dullness of that work, he went back to school at 20, studying German at the University of Birmingham. In Birmingham, like many young British musicians of the day, he formed a group specializing in skiffle, a homespun British blend of blues, jazz and American folk.

“I’m a Man” was also a million-seller and became a hit again in 1969, via a cover by the American horn band Chicago.

The members of the Spencer Davis Group appeared as themselves in the 1966 British musical comedy “The Ghost Goes Gear,” but the group was unraveling. Hank Williams, Jr. covered The Conversation, Born to Boogie, There's a Tear in My Beer, Down South Jukin' and other songs. Mr. Davis immediately recognized the younger brother’s extraordinary skills. Non-lyrical content copyright 1999-2020 SongMeanings, Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display. Hank Williams, Jr. wrote Loving Instructor, Lawyers, Guns and Money and O.D.

The band’s first single was a cover of the blues artist John Lee Hooker’s “Dimples,” which appeared on its debut album, titled “Their First LP,” in 1965. Let me shine a little love light down on you blues man 1 Comment; 0 Tags; I'm just a singer a natural born guitar ringer, kind of a clinger to sad old songs. the Allman Brothers recorded a cover version, skills that later helped his band become popular throughout Europe, a cover by the American horn band Chicago.

Yearning to explore a more expansive range of styles, Steve Winwood left to form Traffic in 1967, while his brother became an A&R executive at Island Records. As the story goes, the other members agreed to the new name because Mr. Davis was willing to do interviews, allowing them to sleep longer. I'm not a walk behind'er, I'm a new note finder but my name's a reminder of a bluesman that already gone. The Blues Man Lyrics Hank Williams Jr. – The Blues Man. I was sure sinkin' when she came along © 2020 METROLYRICS, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Mr. Davis co-wrote “Gimme Some Lovin’,” his group’s biggest hit. Spencer Davis in 1970. Log in now He later dropped the “e” in his surname because “Davies” is pronounced “Davis” in Britain but “Daveys” in the United States, where he hoped to expand his career. Im just a singer a natural born guitar ringer kind of a clinger to sad old songs Spencer Davis, the leader of a rock group under his name that had some of the most propulsive and enduring hits of the 1960s, including “Gimme Some Lovin’,” “I’m a Man” and “Keep On Running” — all sung not by him but by a teenage Steve Winwood — died on Monday in Los Angeles. The group’s live reputation attracted the attention of the music executive Chris Blackwell, who became its manager and signed it to his fledgling Island label, which was then distributed through the larger Fontana Records. He played rhythm guitar in his original band and occasionally sang lead vocals, but Steve Winwood was the star.

74 on the Billboard chart in the U.S. “The Second Album,” which included “Keep On Running,” wasn’t even released stateside.

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