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Trying to clarify this long debate on how cheerleading is a sport and how it is not is my biggest intention in this paper. Cheerleading. Spirited. Cheerleaders do not have to be skinny. Complex maneuvers are performed which challenge the limits of the body. The first intercollegiate American Football game was played between Princeton university and Rutgers University in 1869, and cheerleading began in the 1880s with Princeton's all-male pep club. Her most rewarding moments as a cheerleaders are selling ribbons on Friday mornings before sporting events and entertaining the young children who watch her perform under the Friday night lights. It has helped me to set goals for my future, have a positive outlook, and develop friendships that will last a … This Mississippi native, Chelsey, began her cheerleading career in second grade and now cheers for the Seminary High School Bulldogs. well known argument is “Whether cheerleading is a sport or not”. The same person is watching the bases, of a cheerleading team, throw a flyer up in the air. You do it with attitude. Just by looking at the word itself, it takes a leader to be one. MegaEssays.com, (December 31, 1969). © 2002-2020 MegaEssays.com. Cheerleading has been around since the 1880’s and it has gotten a bad rap ever since. I would be more of a pretty little thing who stands on the sidelines more worried about breaking a sweat than about our team winning the game. The only difference, definitely a sport. You can be as creative as you wish at this step. MegaEssays. “.. This is the purpose of the high school, college or professional cheerleader. Some may argue cheerleading cannot and will not be a sport, but according to Oxford Dictionary, a sport is defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment . Cheerleaders in their highschool years will exhibit dissatisfaction with their body and develop an eating disorder. In a word, everything, but it's more fun to list all the great qualities that describe cheerleaders and set them apart from other athletes! Cheerleading has a unique skill set, as we were reminded recently when a heated debate broke out in the comments of an article about. Cheerleading is different from most sports because they usually compete with how loud they are, and their facial expressions. Required fields are marked *. This lesson leads to the next. Teammates need to stay committed and, “Cheerleading is a staple of American schools and colleges, it has received little attention in scholarly research (H. Thompson).” Like most sports cheerleading is known to have multiple summer camps, practice regularly and compete in competitions. When the majority of people hear the word cheerleader, usually all they imagine is “flirts in skirts”, but it is much more than that. People are not aware of what these athletes are doing when they are not in front of these crowds. Other athletes seem to feel that cheerleading isn't difficult and requires minimum to no effort. The NCAA does not count cheerleading as a “sport” which means that they do not govern the cheerleading rules and regulations. Cheerleading exceeds all requirements  due to competitive nature, Is Cheerleading a Sport?

A game is not the same without the cheerleaders to interact with the fans and excite them about the game. First introduced to the world in the late 1800’s, cheerleading started out as a sport for men to cheer on sports groups.

An average number of injuries in cheerleaders per year is 28.8%. Questions or Comments? Although cheerleading has developed into a thriving activity, with determined athletes, demanding practice hours, and astounding bravery most of the world still does not give it the credit it deserves in the world of sports. What it Means to be a Cheerleader Teamwork – . The article offers the following arguments in support of the claim.

Each and every cheerleader needs to be aware of all the health risks they are at. Competitions are taken very seriously in the cheer, Magical Realism In 'A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings', Personal Experience At Salisbury High School, Gender Polarization, Parenting, And Internalized Sexism In Gender Polarization, Persuasive Essay: The Importance Of Cheerleading. A true leader respects others, has good judgement, is faithful to the squad, has strong and uplifting confidence, and has the ability to put others ... Continue reading this essay Most people only consider competition cheerleading as a sport, others such as cheerleaders themselves consider any type of cheerleading as a sport, such as school cheer or competition cheer. At times they are a teacher and at other times a student.

Practice – . Browse essays about Cheerleading and find inspiration. The school also decided to add a women’s rugby team to keep everyone, When most people think of cheerleading, they think of the spirit squads that attempt to pump up the local crowd at high school basketball and football games. Every member is an important part of the team as a whole. We break the status quo of being dumb blondes and we work hard to be the athletes that we are. In 1923, women were allowed to become cheerleaders at the University of Minnesota, and during the 1920s, cheerleaders added acrobatics to the cheers (Being a Cheerleader). Cheerleaders, who are used to improvising, need to tame the flow of ideas a bit. Although it doesn’t seem like it, cheerleading started as an all-male sport. Cheerleaders do not, Cheerleading varies in many different ways. This formula has remained for decades in many sports such as soccer and football, in which cheerleaders are represented as “bimbos” animating the game and entertaining the crowd. Cheerleading involves skills which require the strength of football, the grace of dance, and the agility of gymnastics. Cheerleading is a sport Anyone can be outspoken, have a cheerful attitude, smile real pretty, and maybe even have a lot of guts, but to any cheerleader a leader involves much more. Emily is a California transplant and longtime athlete who loves the beach, burritos, and fitness. A well known professional baseball player Babe Ruth once said, “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. Just training for a cheer squad in general can add up to many hours a week. I am a cheerleader.

They can be considered a sports participant or a spectator, depending on where they are and what they are doing. A sport is an activity that, football will have no doubt he is playing a sport. In 1877, Princeton University had a “Princeton Cheer”. Better than I ever expected, within five years, this is going to be the norm just because it makes sense,” says head coach at University of Maryland, Lura Fleece, when referring to the sport of cheerleading (Drehs). Retrieved 16:10, November 03, 2020, from https://www.megaessays.com/viewpaper/89452.html. The first type of cheerleading is “side line cheer” which is cheering at sport events to pump up the crowd and keep the team and fans’ “school spirit” up.

People that do not cheer do not get a true perspective of how competitive the sport truly is. and my only physical coordination involves clapping my hands and stomping my feet. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. We are a leader and innovator in the world of cheerleading, committed to providing affordable and high-performance apparel and accessories to cheerleaders of all ages. The team cannot be a team without its members. Strangers to cheerleaders who do not follow the sport extensively do not know the exact involvement of the athletes in this sport, at all ages. 12375 World Trade Drive San Diego, CA 92128. Cheerleading is a sport because people train and compete for it, the cheerleaders also have to be physically fit. Since I am a cheerleader, I would obviously not be considered the brightest of the bunch at school. A cheerleader is a leader, a role model, a friend, and an athlete. Injuries are expected because not everyone is perfect and mistakes happen, but I never thought it could be me. I soon learned that even though I was not a leader of my squad, I was a leader for my school. Cheerleading can be very time consuming especially in competition. Your email address will not be published. Polls say that 60% of the voters think cheerleading is a sport and 35% think it is not (Varnavas). It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Being a cheerleader to me means supporting my school team and my cheer team.

Commitment is a big deal in the competition world because training can take many hours a week.

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