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13. DD 1.03 Half in the Bag: George Lucas/Star Wars discussion episode Japanese Forced (ja-forced; only with dub) I loved the original Star Wars trilogy when I was a kid, but loathe all of the current DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming versions available today. AUDIO: Statistics | 16. So again, I'm really looking foreward to this one!, AUDIO: (all Dolby Digital) Special thanks to hairy_hen and Belbucus, TRACK 1) 5.1 1977 70mm six track mix @ 640Kbps, TRACK 4) 2.0 Isolated score @ 224Kbps (hairy hen), TRACK 5) 2.0 1993 LD Audio Commentary @ 192Kbps (silence filled with 1993 LD 2.0), TRACK 6) 2.0 2004 DVD Audio Commentary @ 192Kbps, TRACK 7) 2.0 2004 Audio Commentary @ 192Kbps, TRACK 8) 2.0 2011 BD Archival Interviews Audio Commentary @ 192Kbps, Subtitles: (Project Threepio) Special thanks to CatBus, English (en) I'm probably (ok, definitely) an old fogey stick in the mud, but I just can't get past the words "Episode IV". 10.

Trust me, it is not easy making these sets. More money. 2.0 Dolby Digital [English] (Commentary For Visually Impaired) No special edition changes, no Blu-ray release changes. 24. 18. Neither do I!
- The Force Is With Them: The Legacy Of Star Wars (2004) - 14 mins. Too many people had their childhood ruined by Star Wars. Polish (pl) score (also hairy_hen’s latest version) and four different commentary tracks. Tie Fighter Wars - Anime Short Film DISC 1 - 50GB Blu-ray Disc

- audio/subtitles menu Dutch (nl) Star Wars IV - A New Hope Church Online is a place for you to experience God and connect with others. Getting copies of the Despecialized Editions (“DE”) can be a hurdle if you don't know what you're doing, so I'm here to help. Version v2.5 offers few more little tweaks to the picture and contains an unprecedented number of audio options, including lossless DTS-HD tracks for the original mixes, an isolated score, four different commentary tracks and dubbing tracks in ten different languages and dialects. The audio features availability in numerous streams. If you plan on seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I highly recommend you watch these versions beforehand. Mark Hamill - New subtitles for the Greedo scene have been added, borrowing from Catbus’ Project Threepio in order to match the look and feel of the originals as closely as possible - Used the Despecialized Edition to remove the added floating CGI droid to the stormtroopers’ search of the streets The picture quality is unreal, and the whole thing appears seamless to me. Slovak DD 2.0

I do my best to make each set perfect but I am a one man team. Portuguese (Br.) As always, I'll be silently watching, spellbound. Why wouldn't they? All are the latest and greatest versions. While this choice would be fair to question, it is not due to a fault with encoding. Star.Wars.Episode.IV.A.New.Hope.1977.720p.HDTV.x264-DON (2004 DVD Version) STAR WARS 1997 Special Edition (Reivax DTV capture) Custom mattes, 35mm and 70mm film cell scans etc. Hello Greedo (Film review + Deleted Scenes Analysis)

It's my preferred way to watch the OT. Hungarian DD 2.0 1.0 Dolby Digital [Portuguese] (1980s Brazilian dub) 1.0 Dolby Digital [Spanish] (1980 Latino dub) - chapters menu Mod Edit: The Some info & help for Harmy’s Despecialized Editions of the Original Trilogy… thread may also be of some interest. This Star Wars fan community is built on the honor system, so your word is sufficient. I still own an original unopened vhs of the original. DOCUMENTARY DISC + STAR WARS TRILOGY DOCUMENTARIES Well, color me impressed: after HAL9000's tour-de-force on the Prequels (they are my go-to versions), he gets closer to my ideal of A New Hope than any other version I've seen. Japanese DD 2.0 9. American Spanish (es-419) - Reviews Of course, this is highly subjective, and everyone's perfect blend would be slightly different. The CGI is terrible, looks fake, and sticks out like a sore thumb. 20.

30. 6. - Empire of Dreams Part III (2004) - 30 mins Chinese (Simplified) (zh-cn) No special edition changes, no Blu-ray release changes. 23. - audio/subtitles menu Please report any quality issues you find here. You can see from my positive reviews on eBay that I am the real deal! 21. 31. AUDIO: Teaser Trailer, Theatrical Trailer, Re-Release Trailer, Honest Trailer (2016), 17 x 30 second TV Spots The Weekly Planet Commentary (2015) (recut to fit) I had an earlier version of Harmy's despecialized, and these are what I watch. Droids/Ewoks cartoon trailers I loved the original Star Wars trilogy when I was a kid, but loathe all of the current DVD, Blu-ray, and streaming versions available today. That was certainly the worst, but not the only issue, for me. Finally, Harmy’s DE also includes & supports subtitles courtesy of Project Threepio. 1993 Laserdisc Audio Commentary

People should be allowed to watch it. ROTJ DOCUMENTARIES 'The Weekly Planet' Commentary (2015) (recut to fit) 2.0 Dolby Digital [English] (1985 Laserdisc mix) 1.0 DTS-HD-MA [English] (1977 35mm mono mix) Then, they said the negatives of the movies were permanently altered for the creation of the Special Editions, and existing prints of the first versions were in very poor condition. Somewhere in space, this could all be happening right now. Family Guy: Blue Harvest TV special Russian DD 2.0 2.0 Dolby Digital [Hungarian] (1984 dub) 28. Commentary (2010) (recut to fit) 5. does not host, provide links to, or sell fanedits. Slovak DD 2.0

His CGI add ons were absolute sh***** - pointless cartoonish garbage. I wonder if there are high res SW mattes, I've never seen any... Star Wars Revisited Wordpress / Facebook / Twitter, Star Wars Visual Comparisons WordPress / Twitter, Yeah, I never found any, which sucks major ass :-(. 3. Having satiated my restlessness with the Star Wars prequels, I wanted to put together a custom 'Special Edition' of the original trilogy to place on my shelf alongside the original, theatrical versions (currently represented by Harmy's Despecialized Editions). 29. Harmy's v2.5 of A New Hope released Forum Rules and Guidelines. Russian (ru) Then color correcting every thing and up-scaling some of the elements that were not available in HD.
- Cast/Crew Interviews (1980) 30. And these DVD active comparisons are pretty shit compared to 005's. ), Portuguese (Br. George Lucas - 'The Making of a Saga' Excerpt The clips are excellent as always Harmy, keep them coming. 32. James Bond: ESB Opening Credits Homage Spanish (Am.) 26. 5. 8. It is as close as you will ever get to a blu ray quality version of the original without all the special edition terrible CGI revisions, until and unless Lucas decides to stop playing with our emotions. In my opinion, skip the prequels altogether, or try out the Machete Order if you must watch them. Thanks for the review and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it. Just as it was viewed in theaters in 1977. 2. The video itself was painstakingly restored from various sources, including the official Blu-rays, bonus DVDs, Digital TV broadcasts, film scans, and more. of the original audio mixes  (the original  70mm six-track was recreated by hairy_hen,  the original stereo mix was captured from This is a reconstruction of the 1977 theatrical version of STAR WARS. These are special discs that get the artwork printed straight on them. For Harmy’s DE project, this means YOU MUST OWN AN OFFICIAL HD RELEASE for each respective film (i.e. I had an earlier version of Harmy's despecialized, and these are what I watch. Harmy's v2.5 of A New Hope released. Rifftrax Comedy Commentary (2010) (recut to fit), SUBTITLES: (All subtitles are .sup files from Project Threepio v9.2) Harrison Ford - The Today Show DD 2.0 2.0 Dolby Digital [English] (2011 BD Archival Interviews Audio Commentary - recut to fit this release) The Return of Return of the Jedi If you want to watch the original, unaltered version of Star Wars from 1977 legally your options are essentially nonexistent. Romanian (ro) Half in the Bag Commentary - Red Letter Media (2016) Recut to fit 29. Harmy's v2.5 of A New Hope released. - Reviews

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