was there a real fast eddie felson

http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_qn4158/is_20010416/ai_n14382154, http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/4949/3552/1600/fasteddiebw1.jpg. : Fast Eddie Bert Gordon Yeah, percentage players die broke, too, don't they, Bert? I got a hunch it's me from here on in. I loved her, Bert.
: [1] In high school, he acquired the nickname "Fast Eddie" for his speed in football and basketball.

Sarah Packard

And your fingers. Fast Eddie You're a loser. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.


Nice guy. Fast Eddie You're gonna get your thumbs broken again. You Eddie Felson. : : : Sarah Packard : I don't think his contention that he is the real Eddie Felson is too different from Rudolph Wanderone Jr. saying he was Minnesota Fats. :

But the author of the book which inspired the movie claimed he never met Parker or another guy nicknamed New York Fats or Broadway Fats, who claimed to be the inspiration for the Minnesota Fats character. Fast Eddie It may not display this or other websites correctly. : I'm going with him all the way. Bert Gordon Looks more like a morgue to me. It's doubtful Tevis ever met or knew anything about Eddie Parker. : How's your hand? Quiet.

: Fast Eddie Fast Eddie Fast Eddie Minnesota Fats

You'll drop that load too when you got an excuse. I feel tight, but good.

That's the only way. No, I didn't mean that... whatever that means. Is it over, Fats? When I'm goin', I mean, when I'm REALLY goin' I feel like a... like a jockey must feel. I'm shooting pool, Fats. If you ever say them I'll never let you take them back. Sarah Packard

If Tevis told Jimmy that he based Fast Eddie on Ronny Allen, Jimmy is the only person in the world who he made such a remark to. : This game isn't like football. According to him, his biggest win was $30,000 playing three-cushion billiards sometime in the 1950s,[2] but his backer got $18,000 of that. "Fast Eddie" Parker (c. 1932, Springfield, Missouri – February 2, 2001, Brownsville, Texas) was an American pool player, claimed by many to have been the inspiration for the character "Fast Eddie" Felson in the 1959 Walter Tevis novel The Hustler. Bert Gordon It's a piece of wood, it's got nerves in it. Look, I... um... can always buy a bottle.

: Most of the world thinks Eddie Parker was Fast Eddie guess that goes to show that lie detector tests are not very acurate ... Well off to work with chwck back in later ... With all due respect to Jimmy...there is no evidence of any kind that such a conversation took place between Jimmy and Tevis. You're not a loser, Eddie, you're a winner. [1], In Kansas City, he met six-time world champion Bennie Allen, who became the teenager's mentor. One ball, corner pocket. I know that there was a guy, Eddie Parker, who claimed to be the real "Fast Eddie".

So help me God, Bert, I'm gonna come back here and I'm gonna kill you. You don't know what winnin' is, Bert. I came after him and I'm gonna get him.

: Fast Eddie : : : Fast Eddie Parker was a real-life pool hustler who claimed to be the inspiration for the movie character.
: We’re all familiar with Edward “Fast Eddie” Felson, played by Paul Newman in “Color of Money”.


He was a nice man who dressed well and played so so.


One ball, corner pocket. Fast Eddie He was a fictional character created by Tevis.

Sarah Packard Sarah Packard In truth there was NO real life Fast Eddie. If he knows what he's doing and why and if he can make it come off. : Sarah Packard Bert Gordon That's what the game's all about. Fast Eddie Big John Nobody pays you for yardage. [in their $3,000 game, after Minnesota Fats breaks, it's Eddie's shot]. Just hadda show those creeps and those punks what the game is like when it's great, when it's REALLY great. : : He died of a heart attack while attending the US Classic Billiards Eight-Ball Showdown tournament near Brownsville, Texas. How should I play that one, Bert? You don't pay me? : You watch me. Big John I'm sure Mr. Gordon meant no offense. I know that Eddie Parker claimed he was the real deal, but it was just that, a claim to fame. Release Dates : Charlie Burns

: I came after him. :

'Cause I dreamed about this game, fat man. : Fast Eddie Charlie Burns There are certainly other options to consider when casting “Fast” Eddie Felson, especially if the story takes place with an older version. Because who did you ever care about? Fast Eddie

I saw him play. The movie would've blown my cover by the time I got to the next town.

: Bert Gordon But I just hadda show 'im. : Well, what do you want to know? The real Eddie Felson, when most people think of Eddie Felson they vision the character in the movie "The Hustler ".

Bert Gordon

Fast Eddie : Fast Eddie Felson... hustler. You know, someday, Sarah, you're gonna settle down... you're gonna marry a college professor and you're gonna write a great book. You don't look like a college girl. Look, you wanna hustle pool, don't you? Filming & Production

: Play it safe?

I'd hate to think I was puttin' my money on a cripple. Fine. No champion by any means. "[2] He made a living from the game, but did not get rich.

And a fact is a fact.

And why? You sure don't leave much when you miss, do you, Fats? What do you do on the other days? Cashier But just for that I'm gonna beat you flat. Bert Gordon The Hustler (1961) Paul Newman as Eddie Felson. Look, friend, I'm not trying to hustle. : : : I told you I got drunk. "[1], Parker retired either in the early 1970s[1] or in 1980.[3]. :

: Fast Eddie : Is that it? I dreamed about this game every night on the road.

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