street speed 717 zr1

Gotta have it new and shiny for the cameras. Late Model Racecraft in Texas is StreetSpeed717’s go to performance shop for all his corvettes currently as a few other corvette performance shops he used locally in Pennsylvania where he lives didn’t work out.

Black looks just nasty on a ZR1 ! Also next vette u get should a classic convertible. Along the way, talking about the car as he drives in the first nice weather that he had experienced since getting the new Corvette. Maybe u think that won't resonate with your audience but I guarantee u get an ls powered c1 restomod and people will come..the thing is to clean to not be cool- timeless, Hope you go with the black zr1 lol I’m only half way through the vid. I thought you hung in there nicely, especially for a 6MT/6psi/93 car. i would take the black zr1 just for the wheels lol i love the stock zr1 wheels! When he arrives to RPM, he takes a moment to wash the car before rolling it onto the shop dyno. come on now system, government, whatever entity out there there is.. give me everything already, please..

I Bought The Most INSANE CARBON FIBER Wheels For My 1,000HP ZR1!!! I think he paid a little more than that because you got to pay your state sales tax & DMV fees so he probably spent more than $35 so the car isn’t technically free.

Street Speed 717’s ZR1. Here is a video of StreetSpeed717’s 1000 horsepower build he got done at Late Model Racecraft. Honestly getting bored of the corvette content, you should get an M4 and do a series on that. Mic: Each poster is printed on a special, high quality, 6 mil thick, satin finish poster paper that is tear-proof and lays flat immediately after being removed from the shipping tube. PREV VIDEO NEXT VIDEO MORE VIDEOS. All rights reserved. The video host guessed 670 early on in the clip and later on, he clarified that to 668.

He explains that weather has prevented him from enjoying the car since taking delivery of it, so he only has around 100 miles on it when the video begins. Just watched a video you made about a 99-06 Chevy truck.

This FAKE NEWS Went Viral, Jeffree Star, DOJ "Emergency Powers", Coronavirus Stimulus Failed &, New Trailers This Week | Week 17 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers, Long Shot Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers. If you love corvettes one person you have to follow on YouTube and Instagram is StreetSpeed717. Proud owner of a 2019 ZR1, 1993 Corrado, 1997 Blazer, 2020 Duramax, C8 Corvette, and a Cub Cadet riding mower! My MASSIVE 2020 High Country Duramax is BACK From Paint!!! This is why we included this new revenue stream in his net worth above as well. 717 ss717 Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. So many options and keep buying in same things.

Just an FYI for the next giveaway, you can enter without purchasing anything on the website. You can enter by mailing them your information on an index card. street speed 717 selling his zr1. Nice run.
Dad FINALLY Gets his DREAM CAR and His Reaction is PRICELESS!!! Is it just me or every car channel is doing a give away? ;-) I have the same two-tone in mine as Dalton's so I'd go black. Discussion in 'Pics and Videos Buffet' started by BoostedVette, Apr 12, 2020. BACK WHERE IT ALL STARTED... 1,000HP TWIN TURBO ZL1 VS MY 1,000HP ZR1!!! Independence Chevelle Gets a NEW Trunk, Fuel Cell, and Fuel Pump. We drove a HYBRID SUPERCAR to Tavarish's secret lair and let ourselves in, POLICE INSULT ME MOMENTS AFTER MY DREAM CAR IS WRECKED! That blue ZR is SO good looking. My name is Mike. Anybody know what that steering wheel is? Your email address will not be published. thanks dude And yes they did icnocgt500 has a video on his channel I think and streetspeed’s video should be out soon!

Yea imma head out, Mike just pull the trigger get the black ZR1 rapid blue wrap it and have 3 gen vettes and when the C8 ZR1 comes get that can not get tired of your content high volume of different cars but always the trucks and vettes. In all honesty you should build a drift car with that zr1 get wide body and do new front angle kit and hand break bro if you would actually do race events your channel will get even bigger either way you are doing good for yourself, Using ur imagination i see, top job,nothing more exciting than constant repetition ,yay. I think my car is in it too lol we shall see. Bernie AMERICAN Flag stickers?

➢FACEBOOK: Grey American 717 Hat $ 30.00 + Quick View. — Street Speed 717 (@Streetspe3d717) July 30, 2016 Even though he is quite secretive when it comes to his personal matters, he is not one of the most secretive people on the internet, as there are those who have been livestreaming and uploading videos on Twitch and YouTube for years without showing their faces or sharing their real names with the public. Though, after the 150-mile drive to Race Proven Motorsports (RPM), the C7 ZR1’s odometer reads around 250 miles. Website Built, Managed and Automotive Marketing & SEO by, Automotive Marketing & Automotive SEO by Lifted Websites, Phoenix Personal Injury Attorney & Car Accident Attorney Phoenix, Windshield Replacement Phoenix, Auto Glass Express. *, Buccaneers vs. Giants Week 8 Highlights | NFL 2020, 'All net': Barack Obama hits silky three-pointer on campaign trail, Baking Halloween Treats with my Best Friends ft Dixie, Chase, James, Noah & Larray | Charli D'Amelio.

By logging into your account, you agree to our, In loving memory of lost CorvetteForum Brothers and Sisters, automotive journalist who contributes to nearly a dozen popular auto websites. 0. And now Mike and Gina have their own “Family style” vlog to gain even more YouTube ad revenue and other sponsorship or giveaway opportunities down the line along with diversification with StreetSpeed717’s income. so the c7 is your Leroy and the c6 is your Ruby, Dioguardi Auto Sales in Rochester NY has a 1,000 hp at the wheel 2019 ZR1 for sale. YouTuber Street Speed 717 recently took his 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 to a dyno shop. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. !love both I’m stuck on which one ,and I’m not the one buying lol....miles might be a factor for me unless they are close I would guess the black one has less miles ...I have been looking at them a lot ....there is one right now on Car Gurus for 56000 with 19000 miles it’s a 2011 your dealer was asking 65k that’s way high on price .....I have seen them with 4K miles for 62k asking price .... Where do these young dweebs get the money for ZR1s and whatnot? Lens:

Sounds like the ZR1 also has an E85/race tune he could switch to and open the gaps up even more. In several YouTube videos StreetSpeed717 mentioned he has made about $80,000 on a car giveaway after splitting it with Inshane Designs, paying for the car, and any expenses on mods they do to the car giveaway. That is a GOOD looking ZR1. Went about as expected given the closeness in power and weight difference. Messages: 6,842. DAY 1: 26 Rookies Build Timber Frame House in 5 Days. [3-Way Q&A], Kind of Exploring With Steve abandon field 50 years on, Cross Country Adventure from California to New Jersey Part 1. IN CASH!!! You should get a c3 or c4 corvette I really like the older corvettes. Dead Cat: Mike StreetSpeed717 has been on a tear with Car Giveaways with Inshane Designs. You could win Jeff Gordon’s Corvette and $10,000 cash! Haha. Good luck !! Definitely silver.

Keep the videos coming. FINALLY saw the ZR1 on the road!! Bargain shopping for another sports car ! Freaking beast!

On Rec Tec Mini, What to Watch: Barbara Crampton on Horror Heroines + Spell, Come Play | Weekly Ticket, WOW! My VIPER FINALLY Gets a LOUD Corsa Exhaust!!! I've kept up with Streetspeed since he had his White 6MT Hellcat. Do you like it?? At InShane Designs, Inc. we specialize in the highest quality, award-winning vehicle wraps and vinyl decals available on the market. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. He recently went house hunting with his soon to be wife Gina as well and they also are buying a vacation house in the Outerbanks of North Carolina.
The silver with the black wheels looks way better than the black with chrome ! Mike's ZR1 is NO JOKE!

Our educated guess with videos below from him showing many times how much he makes we will go with at least 2 million in net worth. Again he’s very transparent on YouTube and Instagram about all of this. New Merch Yellow 717 Crest Logo T-Shirt $ 20.00 – $ 25.00 + Quick View. Street Speed 717’s new Corvette ZR1 makes three runs on the dyno and on the first, it laid down 664 horsepower and 637 lb-ft of torque. Add to the collection. How different your life is now is crazy!

Love the sliver one looks so mean just don’t really like the interior color options wish that the sliver one had the black cars interior that would sell it for me.


Ft. My 1,000HP ZR1 is BACK! The video begins with the host of the Street Speed 717 YouTube channel, Mike, talking about his 2019 Corvette ZR1. MY VIPER GIVEAWAY IS LIVE!!!

I’ve watched your channel grow..congrats.

Black on black.

Each poster is printed on a special, high quality, 6 mil thick, satin finish poster paper that is tear-proof and lays flat immediately after being removed from the shipping tube.Photo by Pat Roell

On the second run, things improve a bit to 668 horsepower and on the third run, it made 664 once again. i'm 100% insatiable, when will this hurry up and enter my life so i can live a more luxurious life? STREETSPEED717 IS SELLING THE ZR1 BECAUSE OF THIS! ➢TWITTER: Please take the Blue wrap off the C7 ZR1 for a bit.. You know a guy.. Would love to see both Black.. i guess the next give away car is a ZR1! Your ZO6 is absolutely SICK! on a serious note, someone MAY one day follow you for the volume of the car lol. 2011 gtcs GT500 poster Established Member. *$20,000 A Set! NOT REVEALING STREET SPEED 717's ZR1 & NOT Curing His LIGMA, Porsche sold me a BAD Cayenne Turbo!

Create new posts and participate in discussions. Every $5 spent on is worth an entry To WIN My SRT Viper!SUBSCRIBE TO MY FAMILY VLOG CHANNEL! Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

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