slovak gypsy surnames

I searched the web and couldnt find anything to confirm it either way.Thank you. Hi Blanka,The family story handed down is that our surname Brusak comes from a creek named Brusse. Her mother's name was Maria Vonesova. Hungarian adopted the Slavs' name for the Germans, the Slovak Nemec, based on the root nem-, "mumbling, incomprehensible. Does that make sense? Hi Karol, Liebzeit means "time of love" or "lovely time". Grandma was also Greek Orthodox Catholic and we've wondered where this church evolved from. Father is Jan, son could be Jeník. If someone has surname Bednář, it is very probable that first bearer of this surname was a cooper. The Slovaks, Hungarians, Croats, Rusyns, part of the Romanians, Germans, Serbs, Roma (Gypsies) shared the kingdom, moved about their homeland, and the linguistic mixture of the family names in the kingdom's descendant countries, Slovakia, Croatia, Hungary, parts of Ukraine (Subcarpathian Rus', now Transcarpathian Ukraine), Romania (Transylvania), Serbia (Vojvodina), shows that. Hi Blanka,I am very new to this and recently found out that my biological father's family immigrated to the US in the early 30's. Would that be why a relative in my tree Pavlis has record of being married three times, but wives' first name always the same. The Surname Location Reference Project, is compiling a database of emigrants from Slovakia and where they located in North America. This cases are common in Czech. Since that time, many Roma have Gadžo names. It could have been someone who had pale skin. Very interesting article. Kučeravý = curly, kučera = frizzle; metaphorically the one who has curly hair. I Googled the name and found that it is the name of a political figure and also the name of a composer in the Czech Republic. can you give me at least two examples of surnames of wealthy or classy people. The earliest ancestor we know of on that line was Šimon Titíra (I have seen a number of different spellings through the generations) who lived near Mělník in the late 1500s. The Romani are best known in the United States as "gypsies." On death certificates and Census records, their places of birth are given variously as Bohemia, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia. Titera? Horváth, from the Croatian Hrvat, "Croat", 7. That set included less than 10,000 people. Also, my husband's surname was Vizner (Europeans insist on writing it as Wiesner) but there is no trace of any German blood in his family. Bezruka for example -. so I'm not sure.Holkup isn't a common last name in the USA, so if someone runs into a Holkup, I'm related to them somehow! Hamák most probably originated from the first name Abraham. In 1924, Henry Ford, in an effort to get the young people away from jazz and back into the old music, started his Old Fashion Dance Band. Balík means package. I've recently discovered that my gradmother was Czech, daughter of Czech immigrants. I have researched our history and would like to know the meaning of the name. And how to differentiate between father and son with the same surname? Němec (German), Also spelled Tót. Can you tell me the meaning of my gggrandparents names. I did find Pisinger on the wall at Terezin and some survivors with the same name, but our line was Catholic.Help? Thank you for this site- so interesting and helpful. A few years ago before her death I had met my estranged great aunt who told me that my mothers name was shortened to kapika upon entering the country. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful service. It is also not uncommon for a last name to indicate a family's origin. Toth, the fourth most popular Slovakian surname, quite literally means "Slovak." She is one of my most beloved clients(a friend) that i have and I am trying to find information for her to give to her this Friday as a gift so whatever you could help me with would be greatly appreciated! My grandmother's father's name was Joseph Libecajt or Liebzeit depending on who was telling the story! "Growing up in Old Delray, by Robert Takacs", "Rabb Joska's Gypsy Cellar Records - Home", "DULCIMER PLAYER'S FORUM - Cimbalom Links - (18)", "MTAP The Gus Horvath Hungarian Gypsy Collection", "THE BIG SHOW' ITS TITLE. I seemed to be the only one in my family interested in our history. Despite they were listed from Bohemia when entering Ellis island, but they should of German ethnics of Eastern Bohemia (parts of Austrian kingdom). She was one of the greatest cimbalom players in the world; she toured the world, made records and wrote music. On the surname map, it shows that in 2010 and 2011 there were only two people in the Czech Republic with this name. Was hoping to find out more and with adoption there is no family stories or background to fall back on. Czech nobility. His name i belive was Joseph Edl. Please share..i feel like I'm hitting a brick wall. It was very difficult to find any information and I would really appreciate some help, thank you. The idea is that individuals doing genealogical work on a particular surname or location in Slovakia can be put in touch with others working on the same surnames or locations. [5] They also played many weddings and special occasions, including movies. 1. I don't know, whether you already know it, but I found someone, who has the same names and places in his family tree ( ). I found no evidence of gipsies with this name, but as their lifestyle was quite untraceable, it is not impossible. Thank you this is a very interesting blog! All the names beginning with Pech- have two possible sources:1) a first name Peter, with original meaning rock2) originally German word "pecher", i.e. The surname was POC. She still has family living there. Do you have any idea what it means?Also do you have any information regarding DRZKOV...NE of Pragueabout 50 miles. Thank you for this article. The poor chap immigrated to America and learned that his name was nearly as bad in English "smut", as it was in Czech. Molnár, from Old Slavic or Germanic for "miller," from Latin; Indo-European, 9. The main Slovak option was Mlynár, but both from the start and in order to differentiate families with the same name in one village later, the Slovaks also used name variations like Mlynarčík, Mlynarovič, Mlynárik, Mlynka, Mlynkovič, Minár, Minárik, Minarovič, Mlynček, Mlynčár, Mlynský, and others, all based on "miller.". In the church records in the 1770s Thomas Czouza the oldest son of Vaslav Czouza lived at #26 at the house named Czouza. 2. So glad I found your blog! Many of the funerals news reporters covered went through the Associated Press in newspapers all over the world. ", 1. There was some influx of Hungarians seeking refuge in the Slovak majority area when modern Hungary was absorbed into the Ottoman Empire as its province of Macaristan in the 16th century, and at least three substantially more massive waves of refugees from Croatia found new homes in south-western Slovakia and western Hungary during the same period. In that time I have added many interesting Czech family names. I have been researching the names Jenicek, Bilek, Dedera all from Bohemia/Moravia. Does that mean that it is not of Czech origin? Thanks! This site has fabulous info, if you can find anything, that would be great! thank you. Thank you so much for putting this great resource together. I will try to find more. You are one busy lady! Hello, Císař means Emperor in Czech. Source, Can you tell me anything about the surname Duczek. Do you have any information on the name Zatloukal? 4 Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Turkey span the conventional boundary between Europe and Asia. Will check out the websites. Jewish guide and genealogy in Poland, Cracow and Auschwitz. I have noticed there is a village near by named Brusy. Someone answered that it could be a surname for someone who used the word "hrome" frequently (which in English can be translated as "damn it"). Hope one day to come visit but till then the computer will be my guide. Happy New Year !This blog was a joy to read. Telephone: Days: (216) 524-3037 my grandparent were catholic not sure how often they attended but its worth a shot. An illustration of Budapest's 19th-20th century practice is a Slovak's last name Čerňan, based on čierny, "black," respelled as Csernyan in Hungarian by the authorities, while the person would still be under pressure to drop it entirely in favor of the last name Fekete, based on the Hungarian for "black.". Any info you can give me is greatly appreciated! I think I've located the Kamen they may have originated from, maybe. I was there last summer and visited Temelin, then hiked to Tyn nad Vlatvou, but was not able to make it to the other places as I was in school in Prague at the time. I'm trying to put together a family tree and really struggling with finding any information. Takács, from the Slovak, Croatian tkáč, "weaver"; Indo-European, Weaver from Ústie We have been working non-stop on our Bohemian genealogy ever since we found out that our ancestors are in the online registries from the Pilsen and Litomerice archives. Most common case is so called. All Rights Reserved. Your ancestors with names Roehlig and Christl should be from German ethnics in Czech who had lived for centuries in Ksice before migrated to America. Search 25,500 Slovak surnames with village of origin, plus a few from neighboring regions. But I'm not sure if that's the right place. I've found three different households, but have yet to find a common relative between them. In 2003 there were 185 288 surnames of men and women registered in Slovakia. That one is not so common... Hi Judith, Sirovátka is also easy, you just have to exchange i to y - syrovátka means whey. Dear Blanka,the name Wawrinsky or Vavrinsky means they came from Vavrinec?My great-grandmother was from this family (Wawrinsky), they lived in North-Hungary (now Slovakia).Many thanks. I am from Argentina, and I have ancestors from Prušánky (a town located in the South Moravian Region, where it seems that it is common). I just happened to stumble upon your blog this morning!I'm not super great at studying genealogy and keeping a family tree like some other people are. Thanks again. The frequency and shape of the most common last names (as well as place names) in Slovakia and Hungary have been influenced by their joint history of over 800 years. This surname is most common in South Bohemia.You can use to see, how many people with this name live in Czech republic and where. I think it was a spoof email. But what about Sirovatka? Hello I'm wondering if anyone could help me out with this. Like the Slovak-Americans who keep their Anglicized names, many Slovaks did not change their last names back to their ancestors' names after the creation of Czecho-Slovakia. What are their origins? Using diminutive. But I personally doubt it: our ancestors were "a bit" xenophobic and I cannot believe that they would allow the people they liked even less then Jews to use a name meaning noble and especially in German (considered superior language, those days).Isn't it possible, that your friend misunderstood the "joke"? And there are not many with that surname left in the world. According to the University of Pittsburgh's Slovak Studies Program, the most popular Slovakian last names are Horvath, Kovac, Varga, Toth, Nagy, Balaz, Szabo, Molnar, Balog and Lukac. My grandfather was born in Podlusky near Roudnice nad Labem. 358–370, Gypsies of Delray, MI, The Canadian Journal of Economics and Political Science, What US musical tradition can teach us about roma culture, Encyclopida of Cleveland History: Gypsies. Was there a particular port of entry more popular for Czech immigrants? Our last name is Olmr I'm pretty sure but not certain that prior to coming to canada it was Olmrová? Thanks in advance! Hi Marian, well, it's tough one. P. O. I believe '-itz' means 'son of', but we don't know what Pano might mean, or where the name may have originated. Would you have any Clues on their origin or meaning? And this is exactly the way how the surnames were created - surname described the person who had it. The correct spelling most probably was Mráz - meaning frost or freeze. I would like to ask you about the possible meaning of my surname, which is Hromek.

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