russian stick grenade

Extremely rare. The M1914 was one of the few grenades used the conflict that was in service before the war started. Red Army supply. 8 years ago 6. Looks genuine but is made of solid wood! It is so well made as a visual display item it could be used in a Museum alongside an actual RGD 33! Slightly worn condition. [3] Acceptance markings -"Barsukov I -41". The operator then grasps the warhead with their offhand and grips the handle with their throwing hand. Deactivated WW2 Russian RGD-33 stick hand grenade, which I would say is in neat mint condition with no signs of any rust or corrosion ! Khaki color. The pouch is made of hard canvas and maker's marked, but unclear. Excellent condition, unfortunately the leather strap on the lid is broken. After the German invasion of the USSR, the simple and crude RG-42 was developed to slowly replace it. Universal ammo-pouch M1941 for RKKA rifles. Due to the fragments' rapid loss of velocity, the kill radius is small, making this grenade an "offensive" type. WW2 M41 grenade pouch for RG-42 and F-1. These are genuine very good condition inert examples of The Soviet RGD-33 (Ручная Граната Дегтярева образца 33 года) Ruchnaya Granata Degtyareva obraztsa 33 goda, "Hand Grenade, Degtyarev design, pattern year (1933") an anti-personnel fragmentation stick grenade developed in 1933. We have a few in the same condition. To activate it, the user must hold the grenade with the safety pin between two fingers, move the safety catch so that it is away from the hammer's front, then throw it. WWII Russian Grenades (7971) F1 Fragmentation (7975) RGD33 Fragmentation Stick Grenade The polyurethane rubber RGD33 is reinforced with a .5" wooden dowel that runs almost the full length of the grenade. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "abee8419c33c5aca918c6394d7a03952" );document.getElementById("e79298a3c0").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Type the numbers below: As with most grenades of this era, there is potential for large fragment projection a great distance further than the throw. Red Army Bread bag model 1940. War time issue shovel with fat layer of preservative ointment. TNT was a common explosive in Soviet grenades at the time, as seen in grenades such as the F1 grenade and RGD-33 grenade. Pack for 10 cartridges "303", Mark VII, 1930, for the machine gun, made in Latvia. Red army gas mask BN-T5, with the MT-4 filter, Bandolier of the Russian Imperial Army, 1917. The marking is stained over in the Soviet warehouses or depot to hide an Imperial Eagle marking, but the stamp is still clearly readable: February 1917 and the surname of the controller. The top of the warhead had a metal cover over the fuze well that was pushed aside, allowing the fuse to be inserted; it is disarmed by pushing the catch open, causing the fuze to pop out and be retrieved. Reply Authentic color scheme “Soviet green – artillery, ordnance and tank”; original embossed lettering and markings; imitation of the handle’s back-end action spring. Upon detonation the shell fragments in rectangular, thin fragments, which, along with the casing and detonator fragments, decelerate rapidly in air. Excellent condition with traces of wear. Products you may find here at this Web are pure collectibles, safe INERT replicas of the original prototypes, produced from scratch in our workshop, with collectible, educational and display purposes only!

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