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[4] He later attended Columbia University in pursuit of a Master's degree in Urban Planning but left the program when he was offered a full-time position at Grantland. One of my forms of activism is choosing what I write about, and one of my purposes in being a writer is societal good.”, For Browne’s mother, who was 37 when he was born, giving her son the best education possible was always her top priority. Never . “I used to refresh my Twitter feed every five minutes,” he says. “He was an absolute delight to parent.”, After her divorce from Rembert’s father when Rembert was 6, Charlyn was the primary parent. in psychology from Spelman and a master’s in educational psychology from Atlanta University.) “I do tend to operate in a world where I believe things should be a certain way, but that doesn’t mean there’s another side that can’t be argued. “Every time I see him it’s like an awesome surprise,” says Smith, who wasn’t sure if Browne was going to honor his RSVP to Smith’s Alpharetta, Georgia, wedding in April until he saw him. While attending Dartmouth, Browne wrote for The Dartmouth, the student newspaper. He didn’t even ask for a photo with the president to blast out on his Instagram feed. Now he was sitting at a conference table in the sky with Obama, a man he’d admired since high school. Oct 27th, 2017. 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Not that you’ll see him at any podiums—just on the teleprompter. I knew he was at the right place when the teachers came out to thank me for reminding them about diversity.”, When Browne graduated from Dartmouth it was the height of the recession, and he soon learned that a job offer he’d accepted at Time Out New York had been downgraded to an unpaid internship. It would just feel like he moved back to his old room and nothing changed. “I’m fascinated by speechwriting,” he says. After Grantland’s demise (ESPN shut down the site last October), Browne landed a job at New York magazine, where he’s now reaching new fans as a writer-at-large. “I walked in the first day and felt like the entire class of first years was looking at me and then I walked back out,” he says. “The hate thing drives me nuts,” he says. He was uneasy because this was no ordinary airplane. At the time Browne was a writer for ESPN’s sports and pop culture blog Grantland, where he’d built a following thanks to his unique brand of humor as well as his astute observations on bigger issues. "[14] Offering a eulogy for Grantland after ESPN shuttered the website, The New Republic said Browne illustrated the way Grantland was "fun because it was smart, and because it was run by human beings...Browne’s long, absurdly detailed critical analysis of a photo of Nicki Minaj surrounded by dorky teenagers at a bar mitzvah[15] [was] a singular example of how much fun one could have on the inspired, creative bit of fun. 7 Allen St. Suite 201 | Hanover, NH. “So I got a dashiki out of his closet and bought the biggest Afro wig I could find and a ‘black power’ Afro pick and that’s how he went to school. How do millennials handle dating? Advertising | It was March 7, 2015, and Rembert Browne was nervous boarding a plane. “They were like, ‘Wow, thanks for dressing up.’ ”. Dartmouth will always be close to his heart. “He’s one of those writers who makes you feel like he’s your friend even if you’ve never met him.”, Browne’s encounter with the president was bittersweet since he’d narrowly missed getting a blogging job he’d desperately wanted with the 2012 campaign. It’s weird that that’s the direction that makes me the most excited, but it’s my dream: To be where no one knows who I am, but my words are so important.”. “I showed up like this with a McDonald’s hash brown in my hand,” says Browne. “He really grew as a writer on that trip,” says Simmons, who later gave Browne his own podcast, Rembert Explains. “Rembert is a voice you always want to see popping up in your news feed because he writes so smartly and humorously about culture in the very broadest sense, often bringing together politics and pop culture in his essays—comparing Kanye West and Donald Trump, for instance, or using Hillary [Clinton] and Macklemore to make a point about white privilege,” says executive editor Lauren Kern. “If Rem started working with us again it wouldn’t even feel like we hired him. No reply to messages left at his work number either. By Rembert Browne. On a Saturday afternoon at a small bar near his Brooklyn apartment, Browne, in flip flops and a faded shirt with “Hanover” in white type on the front, is a bit groggy as he orders a beer and a Cuban sandwich. Club as "knowledgeable and enthusiastic...making for a spirited conversation"[19]—as well as a popular Tumblr called Peak Blackness. (His father died in 2001.) Soon there was a fulltime job offer, and Browne took it, dropping out of Columbia with no regrets. I thought, grateful to have dodged that generational bullet. That’s the origin of my writing career,” he says. In primary season he was also a co-moderator at Iowa’s Brown & Black Presidential Forum, where he asked Bernie Sanders how he could really provide free college education and asked Clinton if she thinks white domestic terrorism is as grave a threat as ISIS. Now I just let my phone die sometimes, and it’s amazing.”. I’m very anti-selfie in moments like that.”. He seemed to know everyone—students, staff—and they all knew him,” says sociology professor and now vice provost Denise Anthony, who was his advisor. [20] He spoke at The New Museum's Ideas City conference on Detroit[21] and at the Museum of the Moving Image's screening of ESPN's 30 for 30: O.J. Browne grew up in Atlanta and attended The Paideia School. “I get all my procrastination stuff out of my system before 9 a.m., and then I don’t do it for the rest of the day.”, Although he still uses Twitter and Instagram and Facebook, mostly to post links to his latest story or kill time while his pieces are edited, he says he’s over earlier addictive tendencies. In an excerpt from his new book, Kevin Peter Hand ’97 describes being stranded on the ocean’s floor. The magazine’s head publicist says he turns down about half the media appearance requests she fields. “I said, ‘Wait a minute, your dad and I weren’t hippies,’” says Charlyn. He turned the experience into a story that was insightful and deeply personal. He called up a pal who’s now at Tuck and asked to crash on his couch for a week.

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