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Lister, missing Rimmer, tries to recall the good times they had together, and fantasizes about Rimmer's return (which leads to Lister's hottest kiss yet). Llewellyn was also in a stage show called Mammon: Robot Born of Woman, playing a robot. This was an attempt by Naylor to move away from the "monster of the week" format that he felt Series VI suffered from. [43], Filming on Red Dwarf XII began in early 2016. [34] Episodes were still videotaped, but were digitally processed to look like film, and although there was no live audience, a laughter track was later recorded at a screening of the episodes before an audience. [36] With the old cast and Red Dwarf back, the series moved back to being videotaped in front of a studio audience. A rogue ship full of mechanoids that have rebelled against their programming to seek freedom finds the crew. [26] The outbreak of the Gulf War also affected the series running order as both the anti-war "Meltdown" and heroic Ace Rimmer's "Dimension Jump" episodes were postponed. There were a number of loose ends from the first two series, and changes in the third series, that were explained off by a text intro to the first show of Series III. [45], Originally to be the second episode of Series I, and would have involved Rimmer going insane trying to deal with his intangibility and attempting to build himself a new body by stealing parts of Lister's, and Lister trying to live with a hologram of himself. Rimmer and Lister have been given a retrial, and Kryten endangers their only chance of freedom when he sets up Lister by getting him to mess up governor Ackerman's sleeping quarters. After making the mistake of revealing that he showers with the female prisoners, Kryten is reprogrammed by Kill Crazy, making him a ruthless and amoral entrepreneur. Season: ... Holly navigates Red Dwarf during light speed. The crew follow Rimmer through the worm-hole, but due to its effects arrive at the planet 600 years after Rimmer arrived, only to find the planet is populated with thousands of Rimmer clones. Neither version aired, though excerpts from the first pilot appeared on the Red Dwarf V DVD set. Episode List. [30], The writing of Series VI was rushed due to the fact that the BBC wanted the episodes completed as soon as possible. Red Dwarf II (1988). They decide to go to "Justice World" to discover the contents of the pod. The posse meet three cat clerics who worship Lister as their God. When the primary power goes off and they get stuck in a room, they have no choice but to climb into the small ventilation ducts which wind round. Searching for a new head for Kryten (which exploded due to an incident involving ketchup and lobster), the crew encounter a rogue simulant on a deserted ship. But all hell breaks loose yet again, when Lister uses Kryten's spare-head "Spare Head 2" to take them back into time to get some curries from Earth. He ends up losing an arm to the virus before Kochanski comes up with another solution. The released script extract shows that "Dad" would not have followed the pre-credits sequence of "Backwards" to the letter. However, Rimmer and Lister also see their fantasy women when they see Camille. There they meet a parallel version of Lister's old girlfriend, Kristine Kochanski, who becomes stranded on, Kryten gets fussy and jealous thinking that Lister likes Kochanski better than him. [39] As with series 7, these episodes were not filmed in front of a live studio audience; however, unlike the seventh series, it was not shown to an audience at a later date to record the audience laughter. The first six series were written by Grant and Naylor, while Series VII and VIII were written by Naylor with collaborations from other writers, and Series IX to XII and the 2020 special The Promised Land were written by Naylor alone. [4] From 2009, Grant Naylor Productions produced new episodes for UKTV, which were broadcast on the TV channel Dave. Kryten then discovers from Able a disturbing secret about their creator. Lister watches Rimmer's video containing footage of Rimmer's death, the two Rimmers start getting into a fight and Lister decides one of them has to be switched off. Kryten discovers the time wand can regress a living creature back into what it evolved from, and turns Baxter and Kill Crazy into apes. [14] A remastered version of this series was produced and broadcast in some countries. [27], The series returned without regular director Ed Bye, who had agreed to direct his wife Ruby Wax's television show The Full Wax. Meanwhile, the others return from a Canaries mission with a "time wand", a device that can manipulate time. The new episodes form part of an effort by Dave to screen more original programming, instead of just repeats. They discover the planet has been visited by humans years previously, who populated the planet with "wax droids" – animated wax works of famous characters from Earth's history including, Rimmer is abducted by holograms of superior intelligence, and taken to a space vessel which is itself holographic. The crew have to balance being separated and half stranded in a world where modern technology is strictly banned. The series was created by Rob Grant and Doug Naylor.[1]. [20] Costumes were overhauled as well, as costume designer Howard Burden brought in a new stylish look to the crew. When the primary power goes off and they all get stuck in a room they have no choice but to climb into the ventilation ducts and try to escape. [53] However, sufficient funding was not forthcoming and production was put on hold.[54]. A bio-printer and a ship full of Rimmers. The, Kryten and Rimmer crash land on a "psi-moon", an artificial, An experiment with a machine – a Triplicator – that can make duplicates of an object goes wrong, causing, Two hundred years after investigating the SSS. This was done in the form of scrolling text across outer space, in a parody of the introductions to the Star Wars movies. Ross, however, was in a stage play Flea In Her Ear and was not available, so they went to see Robert Llewellyn. The specials were made up of a three-part story, "Back to Earth", as well as a "Making-of" special. Lister vows to help them as they're being hunted by Rodon, the ruthless feral cat leader who … Chris Barrie, disappointed with the hectic workload of series VI, had decided to only take part in four of the episodes. [7] In Series VII Kristine Kochanski, Lister's former love interest, joins the crew, following the departure of Rimmer. They travel to a GELF village, where a female cat called Aura is being held prisoner for auction. Secrets, lies and broken hearts ensue, along with an ending similar to Lister's favourite film, A mysterious derelict spacecraft containing extremely advanced technology, perhaps alien, docks with, The crew pick up an escape pod bearing a woman's name. The Cat is fatally ill, with only one cure: he has to have sex. The droid harvests Lister's kidneys and leaves him stuck asking the only genetically-similar creature available for an organ donation - the group's most selfish member, Cat. But Kryten and Able discover they're brothers, the same model, and Able helps Kryten escape. [23], The character of Kryten was originally intended as a one-off appearance in the series-two episode "Kryten", but had returned mainly to broaden the story potential. Originally, there were to be two episodes, a "Making-of" and a live show titled Red Dwarf: Unplugged. The crew come across a frozen supply ship, the, Lister tries to cope with the loss of his arm. With Grant and Naylor directly involved with the series' production, under Grant Naylor Productions, they radically changed the look of the show. Rimmer moves into his new sleeping quarters with his holographic duplicate. Lister, Rimmer and Kryten have to save Aura and get her to fall in love with the Cat before he dies from being a virgin. Red Dwarf Season 02 Episode 01 - Kryten - video dailymotion Kryten finds the nanobots in Lister's laundry basket, and also discovers that it was the nanobots who stole the mothership, Lister, the Cat, and Kochanski are in big trouble aboard the resurrected. Lister, Cat and Krytern stumble upon a doorway that leads to another dimension. They saw his performance and were impressed. A script was written, by Naylor, and flyers began circulating around certain websites. Things become worse when a justice scan reveals that Rimmer is guilty of the radioactive disaster that wiped out the entire crew of, Holly has her intelligence briefly restored to an, Kryten uses a prototype "matter paddle" to teleport the crew to a nearby planet with an S3 (or Earth-like) atmosphere. [9] Series IX (Red Dwarf: Back to Earth) involves Lister, Rimmer (back as a hologram), Cat, and Kryten hallucinating that they've arrived on Earth in another dimension in the early 21st century, and Series X to XII sees the same four crew members continue their adventures back on Red Dwarf, Kochanski having departed due to Lister's descent into depression and Holly offline due to water damage. The developing fluid that Kryten uses to process old photographs mutates and the photographs come alive. "Jo Brand When Kryten starts acting oddly and suddenly changes his chassis to a burly, Rosso Red the group wonder what's wrong. Season 1 | Season 2 » See also. Soon the two Rimmers find themselves locked in a conflict so fierce, only one of them can stay. However, when they find the ship's black box on a moon, they slowly learn what happened. Rimmer, Lister, Cat, Kryten and Kochanski have been sentenced to two years in "The Tank" on secretive Floor 13, for stealing and crashing a. Kryten has been placed in the women's wing of the Tank, due to his lack of male genitalia. [52] The flyer outlined the movie's plot, set in the distant future where Homo Sapienoids—a fearsome flesh-machine hybrid race—had taken over the solar system and were wiping out the human race. At first he enjoys it, but they eventually began to despise each other. There is also the possibility it may in fact be a deranged bio-mechanical killer on his way to "Justice World", a deep space penal station. "Dad" was to primarily deal with Lister's pregnancy, why former guest character Kryten had reappeared and become a regular member of the cast and what had happened to him, and why Holly's image had changed from a male to a female. They are bombarded by carbon copies of the infamous historical figures Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Vlad the Impaler and Valeria Messalina, who are now 'cured' of all evil and loving life. [37] The series ended on a cliffhanger that remained unresolved until 2009's Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. 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