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Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. Integrate one of the ORECA poles and write the continuation of a story born more than four decades ago. Item#: S7025.

Rear rims: 13″x18″, Suspensions: double wishbones with pushrod, Adjustable shocks, specifically developed by PKM, Tyres, according to the teams choice: FRONT : 30-68/R18 , REAR : 31-71/R18, Gear change: steering wheel-mounted paddles / Pneumatic paddle shift system, Ventilated carbon discs A skillful blend of expertise, know-how and daring in compliance with the new LMP2 regulations. DELAHAYE 135 CS - WINNER LE MANS 1938 . Oreca used its in-house aero experts and a suite of CFD (computational fluid dynamics) tools to get it just right, with the final bodywork constructed using carbon-kevlar with light lamination baked in Oreca’s autoclave. 2017 revs: 9.000 RPM or Cancel, 1/18 Ligier JS P217 32 24 Heures du Mans 2018, 1/18 Aurus 01 No.26 G-Drive Racing 24H Le Mans 2019, 1/18 Alpine A470 Gibson 36 24 Heures du Mans 2018, 1/18 TOYOTA TS050 HYBRID NO.8 TOYOTA GAZOO RACING, 1/18 ORECA 07 GIBSON NO.28 TDS RACING LMP2 2019, 1/18 Oreca 07 Gibson 28 24 Heures du Mans 2018, 1/18 ORECA 07 - Gibson #26 24H Le Mans 2018 Spark, 1/18 LIGIER JS P217 GIBSON NO.34 INTER EUROPOL COMPETITION 24H LE MANS 2019, 1/18 Alpine A470 Gibson No.36 Signatech Alpine Matmut Winner LMP2, 1/18 TOYOTA TS050 HYBRID No.7 TOYOTA GAZOO Racing 24H Le Mans 2019. Sending the power to the rear axle is a six-speed sequential gearbox (plus one reverse gear) from Xtrac, the same set-up that was used on the Oreca 05.

Oreca Technology’s Director, David Flourey, describes the 07 LMP2 as the “furthest-developed prototype to date, the one on which we have made the least compromises possible.” At its core, the 07 is essentially an Oreca 5, which isn’t a bad thing when you consider the 05 took top honors in the LMP2 category at Le Mans for the last two events running. Shipment in 2 weeks from order date .

But not only !

$74.95 $59.95 . IMSA As such, Oreca says it managed to add extra grip while simultaneously increas…

Whereas on the older car the nose was raised with a large duct underneath the 07 has a Toyota TS050 style low nose. Adjustable shocks, specifically developed by PKM

The agency ORECA Events brings a solution to all your events. In terms of safety, drivers are held in place by a six-point racing harness, plus the requisite HANS safety device. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. The last-born from the ORECA Design Office.

Managing the mass is a double-wishbone suspension set-up with pushrod-style dampers. It appears that your web browser doesn't support JavaScript or JavaScript is disabled. Prices are updated when logged ... ORECA 07 GIBSON LMP2 - LE MANS 2017 . 6 Hours of Bahreïn (Vaillante Rebellion) Oreca’s latest effort is dubbed the 07, offered as an upgrade over the outgoing 05 model, coinciding with rule changes for the 2017 season. SPARK 18S326 ORECA 07- Gibson N°38 - Jackie Chan DC Racing- 2ème Le Mans 2017 Vainqueur LMP2, Le modèles a été reproduit à l’accoutumée de spark, Et de haute qualité et réfléchit l’original le plus possible, Elle reprend les détails effectué par le constructeur de l’auto pour cette courses,modèles fait a partir de résine avec de nombreux détails, Les modèles partent souvent très vite ne tarder pas a prendre le votre, Send 

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