my husband died and i have no income

“Always update your employer 401(k) beneficiary designation paperwork immediately after a divorce to reflect the intended beneficiary and consult an estate planning attorney to ensure your intended wishes will be carried out at your death—especially if you have remarried—to avoid future conflict. If the heir is a surviving spouse, a minor child, or a disabled person, the RMDs continue to be based on the deceased person’s age rather than the beneficiary's—that is, unless the beneficiary submits a new schedule based on their age. "For example, if your spouse’s benefit was $1,200 per month and you had your own benefit of $600 per month, then your total Social Security benefit going forward is $1,200," says Mark Hebner, founder and president of Index Fund Advisors and author of Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors.. The one benefit here is that you won't owe tax on the money. Internal Revenue Service. There's little doubt that, if elected, Joe Biden will try to raise taxes for some people. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our. If you roll over an inherited Roth IRA, you do not pay penalties if the assets have been in the account for five years. IRAs, 401(k)s, and estate taxes are all handled differently if your spouse passes away. My husband died a year ago. Free calculators to help manage your money, Rate bonus on high-yield online savings account, AARP Members get $2 off Audible’s monthly membership. Small-cap technology stocks might be a rollercoaster ride to hold, but their oversized upside potential makes them worth exploring. "If you name multiple people as beneficiaries of one retirement plan, they all take required minimum distributions (RMDs) based on the life expectancy of the eldest beneficiary (i.e., the person who has to take out the largest distributions). The taxpayer may have been your husband, but his estate is a separate tax entity: his individual tax liability ends on the day he dies. Accessed Jan. 23, 2020. AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that empowers people to choose how they live as they age. If you live in a high-tax state during the summer but winter in Florida, you'll likely save big bucks if you can establish residency in Florida. To avoid penalties and taxes, you really need to seek counsel from a competent advisor fluent in estate planning.". related to AARP volunteering. You might be tempted not to include your spouse’s income, or you might no longer be living with your spouse. Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin are community-property states. But what people often forget to plan for—quite understandably—is what happens after they die. "If the spouse rolls it into their personal IRA, they can update the beneficiaries and put off taking RMDs if they are less than 72 years old," says Scott A. Bishop, CPA, PFS, CFP®, partner and executive vice president of financial planning at STA Wealth Management. High Yield Savings from Marcus by Goldman Sachs. But assuming you and your husband owned the home jointly, you may not have as much taxable gain as you think. So, if you earned nothing at all in 2017, and your husband earned $100,000, you would be liable for the taxes due on half the community income or $50,000. If I lived apart from my spouse from July 10 to December 31 but wasn't legally separated from my spouse under a decree of divorce or separate maintenance at the end of the year, can I file as head of household? Any time the topic of assets and death arises, it's natural that estate taxes also come up. They must apply for this payment within two years of your death. Question: My husband died last year, and I’m selling our home. Join AARP today. See IRS Publication 523, Selling Your Home, for more information about the calculations and the expenses that can be added to your basis. How does Social Security work when a spouse dies? Answer: Surviving spouses may exclude $500,000 of home-sale profits from taxes if they sell the house within two years of their spouse’s death, as long as they owned and lived in the house for two of the five years before the spouse died. When a surviving spouse retires, Social Security will always pay an individual's personal benefits first. She was not alive for the entire month, and for benefit purposes that is the determining factor. With the economy still in trouble, tax policy takes on added importance in the 2020 election. The same credits that entitle you to your own benefits also entitle certain people to survivor benefits—your spouse, a divorced spouse, children, or dependent parents. Like your own payouts, the size of survivor benefits depends on your average lifetime earnings. But her estate is not entitled to keep the May benefits scheduled to arrive in June, even though she was alive for all but one day of May.

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