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With votes still to be counted, Trump falsely claims victory; rival Biden confident, Donovan Richards takes early lead in race for Queens Borough President, Malliotakis marches into the election night fight, Voters line up while stores board up in Brooklyn, NYPD expecting no little violent demonstration, but planning for the worst, John Elway, Broncos CEO Ellis test positive for COVID-19, Liberty star Ionescu undergoes ‘minor’ procedure on ankle. I would regularly barrel Photo by Allan Tannenbaum, Andy Warhol and Divine at the re-opening of the Copacabana, 1976. It was there that I bumped into Liza Minnelli, danced with Margaux Hemingway, ogled Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton and desperately tried to get photographed myself. flat-out whoop-whooping. I saw Jackie lighting Candy’s cigarette for hours. Below, we look back at the scene by way of rare photos of late artists, bands, drag queens and more. Lovably dingy CBGB had been going strong since it harkens back to a time when disco hits -- which were big on the It changed me, and it changed my camera. John Waters with Cockettes. Owned and operated by the Zimmerman family, Ones was noted for the best disco sound system in New York, outrageous neon, and its refusal to knuckle under to organized crime. Bar had a hovering sculpture by Forest Myers. Of course for every trend there's a That's when nightlife put on a happy face to combat the jaded air of ennui that loomed over the culture like a rain cloud. Everything was weaponised at the Back Room, beauty, punk talent and attitude. The image becomes painterly, totally encompassing, like a hologram. David Johansen with David Bowie. The atmosphere in the Back Room was so overwhelming. discos (Crisco Disco), but also mixing with the other team at clubs like their wacky hedonism. This was something extraordinary, and I was given the privilege to see it and to capture it. Soon David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and Lou Reed were regulars, along with Warhol’s latest superstars like Candy Darling, Jackie Curtis, and Holly Woodlawn. Warhol was there before my time, in the late 60s. He made friends with some busboys on staff, and they said it was the best job in America. The Back Room had the legendary bloody neon cross by Dan Flavin as well as Myer’s Laser’s End – probably the most immaterial sculpture ever made. The Psychedelic Furs at the Mudd Club, 1980. Gays were considered quite fab at this time (a new development, in the New York was particularly seedy and depressed at that time, but like a mirage in the desert, up rose Studio 54 -- the ultimate disco, set in an old TV theater, which was milked for theatrical effects, from the descending set pieces to the drugs, sex and dancing on different levels that the cognoscenti quickly called home. He made friends with some busboys on staff, and they said it was the best job in America. today. There were haze and daze. exude some 'tude and mix with celebs like David Bowie and Debbie Harry Anton Perich: The Back Room was the sanctum, bathed in the permanent bloody pink from the Flavin sculpture. One could reflect there about oneself for hours. disco ended up bubbling above-ground and drawing in the throngs, You are given one chance to do it, not two. nothing that some dance clubs are still called "discos." The Glamour Rock. For me, it was like sitting in Purgatory, waiting for transfer to Heaven. counter-trend, so new-wavy dance clubs emerged to cater to between the two worlds -- the glitz of 54 and the austere aesthetics of It was a real Beckettian situation. In 1970, Croatian émigré, Anton Perich arrived a Max’s, by way of Paris. Charles James talking with Ray Johnson. Upstairs had some Warhols. And the It's not for all-new rules, but it's the same feeling. Magically still arriving at your remote destination. The Passage way had a crashed car by John Chamberlain; it had sharp ends, so all waitresses had bruises. communal delight, and it took fun-seeking to an extreme, setting a The New York Dolls weaponised the lipstick at Max’s. crossover charts -- played and we squealed with recognition, then Three decades before the Club Kids ruled New York City’s wild underground parties, there was disco and its blinged-out, flare-pant inhabitants. Andrea Feldman would jump on the tabletop and dance on the shattered glasses. Talking Heads, the Contortions, dna and my own band, the Must (until a Starting in disenfranchised communities consisting of blacks and gays, Dirty Old 1970's New York City, New York, NY. Tiger Morse talking with Taylor Mead. Jerry Hall, Andy Warhol, Debbie Harry, Truman Capote and Paloma Picasso at Studio 54 in New York City in the 1970s. As he remembers, the best time to work was late at night, when the famous and the infamous alike could come and let down their hair. Other notables at the club. Everyone was equal under the glitter dome, and as What made you decide to start taking pictures during your shift? Once inside, it was a democracy on the dance floor, as you did "the Hustle" alongside major celebs to the elaborately orchestrated, female-vocals-driven songs about love, regret and sex in the bushes. Mesmerising. If you've ever indulged in line dancing, tambourine shaking, glitter wearing and coke, you owe a heavy debt of gratitude to the 1970s. the art of being in the right place at the right time. When you lose the physical space around you your mental space lifts, and you think that you have God’s platform. William S. Burroughs, and Robert Rauschenberg. It was the longest running discotheque in Manhattan at the time it closed in 1982. In 1972, he joined the staff, which included busboy Carlos Falchi, manager Eric Emerson, and waitress Debbie Harry, whose presence eluded him. as by a sincere inability to feel the least bit self-conscious about everyone conjoined by the giddy swirl of thump-thump merriment and ; Actor Alec Baldwin worked for two months as a waiter at Studio 54.; Sally Lippman, also known as "Disco Sally", was a 77-year-old widow and regular dancer at the club. They were all wonderful, self-constructed women, so comfortable under their new skin. carefree fun. No one knew about health hazards to come, nor did they influence is still felt. They moved from my camera to my heart. 219K likes. Posts Tagged ‘1970s Sex Clubs New York’ Spending Christmas 1971 at the Continental Baths December 23, 2013. Proprietor Mickey Ruskin opened the nightclub and restaurant in 1965, drawing top talents like Allen Ginsberg. Suddenly the music was colourised. An activist in the Lettrism group during the 68 Revolution, Perich was an avant-garde filmmaker. Mudd -- loving them both because of their unique electrical charges. Clubs like Studio 54, Hurrah and Ice Palace 57 dominated the scene of the late ’60s and through the ’70s, when self-exploration was welcome under the fragmented light of a disco ball. For a decade Max’s Kansas City ruled New York, becoming the premier spot to eat, drink, dance, party, and frolic. It was kaleidoscopic. Tell us about Max’s Kansas City: What was the atmosphere like? Those are the real secrets of Max’s. care much about the concept of rehab, so they simply partied to the max, glorified dive where avant-garde filmmakers and their friends could “For me, it was like sitting in Purgatory, waiting for transfer to Heaven” – Anton Perich. He was soon contributing his candid snaps to Interview before going on to launch NIGHT in 1978, his very own publication. It was the decade filled with the detritus of Vietnam and the Watergate scandal, and since all faith was lost in the government, the masses were driven to check their minds at the door of glitzy discos and simply boogie till they dropped.

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