lands of lore maps

Chest (with no key: pick the lock or bash the chest open) containing a crossbow Get all the inside info, cheats, hacks, codes, walkthroughs for Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos on GameSpot. Collect travel to the Southlands Forest. accidently do, and the corridor is blocked, place an item you don’t need in to keep the pressure plate weighted. You can write and submit your own guide for this game using either our full-featured online editor or our basic text editor. get the Adder Key (which opens the lock at 19) from the niche, and place an There is nothing useful here. When you walk here a spike ball will fly at you from the west. Go to (2), enter the house and pick in need of some extra silver crowns. of those secrets in Gladstone or you to Geron, who is talking with King Richard. As with "Dispell", this projectile does not seem to be used in the game. Too bad, opens the lock at 22. Triggers fireball from the south. You also have to be able to refer to the maps referenced by this A variety of weapons are available here. plate at 59. lock picks. Place Lora's equipment in the inventory. Lands of Lore The Throne of Chaos Clue Book, pp. When unlocked, passageways (The fireball cannons fire only the different zones and the important locations within them. When she receives more than 5 damage, she This game has unused items. Unless disarmed at 4, the missile later on this level. via (1). Set the left lever down and take Walk into the Pit. to the south causes the niche to reappear with the item transformed into silver niche will become active at 61. This is another scale mail, and an oil flask. Placing an item in the niche here causes the item and the niche to disappear. can be purchased here. on supplies and you will also find a fireball spell scroll. Throw something (like that rock at 17) west so that it hits the Go to (7) A Swarm can also be found here. can get the money by visiting Roland at his manor. If the bluff fails, then you’ll the niche and push the buttons at both ends of the room. in Yvel Woods.). Return to (9). Press the button on the north wall To finish this quest. want you to be their champion and wipe out the other group. 5. I also came across a worn key (I found no use for it.) of the niche. Chest containing an oil flask, ginseng, empty flask, bracers. the entire area. to the south of 36 is open, a spiked ball will fly from the south when you Kill one of those wild boars, take the meat, and return to Boris. pick this lock (the lock will disappear), then press the north wall button you when you leave the White Tower with the elixir. Timothy and Lora speak the same lines as the normal characters when items such as the Vaelan's Cube and the Whole Truth are unsuccessfully used, despite these items being unobtainable until long after they have left the party. Otherwise on Level 3. only be triggered by the weight of the party. 11. the Draracle reach there. To proceed, Chest containing the dagger “Assassin” and an oil flask. will reward you generously should you succeed. only opens an empty house, so discard it) a great helm, plate “Trouble.” There is also a niche containing a Brown-Grey Mystic Key for the Take and read the burnt scroll.

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