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They were assured that their families were all safe and healthy, and many people said that if they were needed outside of the house, they would leave in a heartbeat. The drama continues! The decisions to remove both Kyle and Jamar were made "based on reviewing footage from the entire season" says Arisa and she reiterates that "while some of these issues were shown on the live feeds, certainly not all of them were." With Kyle and Jamar having both left this week, Big Brother Canada season 8 has already lost 4 houseguests despite having only made it through one official eviction night. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Next: Big Brother Canada Contestants Just Became Aware of the Coronavirus Outbreak, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. During the live show host Arisa Cox said Kyle and Jamar were removed due to separate incidents, not acknowledging any of the backlash production had received or addressing fans' concerns even though it seems obvious to viewers that the production made the decision after being accused of making a racist decision. Next: Big Brother: 10 Survivor Players We'd Like To See As Houseguests, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. KUWTK: Kendall Jenner Blows Out Candles As Waiter Holding Cake Tries To Move Away, 90 Day Fiancé: What Happened To The Season 7 Couples After The Show, Why Clare Crawley Actually Didn't 'Blow Up' The Bachelorette, But Fixed It Instead, Kim Kardashian Struggled Caring For 4 Kids When Kanye Was Sick With COVID-19, The Masked Singer: Lips Revealed to Be TV Host Wendy Williams. Not at all. A response to that tweet reads, "Kyle said he would snap jamar either in half or in 57 pieces not sure which". In the same clip, Arisa says Jamar was removed from the game because his conduct during the house meeting "clearly broke house rules." Even though it took them being accused of being racist to make the decision, producers ultimately made the right decision in removing Kyle from the house. The producers of Big Brother 21 last summer received a lot backlash for allowing houseguests who made racist comments to stay in the house, and it seems that Big Brother Canada producers were determined to not fall into the same trap. The move comes after Lee broke a BBCAN house rule by threatening fellow houseguest Kyle Rozendal during a tense house meeting. Hopefully all the houseguests will be able to move forward from here. ET Canada writes that a joint statement from Global and Insight Productions said, "In both cases, the removed houseguests exhibited behaviour which is not tolerated in the Big Brother house, and is considered contrary to the spirit and integrity of Big Brother Canada. 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Ejecting Kyle doesn't make up for the micro-aggressions that Jamar had to endure while on the show, and it doesn't fix the unfairness of Jamal being singled out, but perhaps it sends a strong signal to contestants that aggressive and inappropriate actions will not be tolerated like they were in previous seasons. Arisa also adds at the end that production has decided to "hit a reset button" and explains that there will be no eviction ceremony happening since two contestants have gone home this week. ", It continued, “The decision made by production took in to account things that were and were not shown on the live feeds. Related: Big Brother: 5 People Who Got Ejected From The Game (& 5 That Viewers Wanted To See Get Ejected). Fans immediately took to Twitter to share their frustration with Lee's removal, with some saying they would stop watching the show after he leaves. Those moments reminded viewers that these aren't just houseguests or characters on a TV show - these are real people. 90 Day Fiancé: Larissa Deletes All Pictures With Eric—Are They Done? Arisa also emphasized that "production's decision was based on things that were and were not shown on the live feeds" implying that viewers didn't see the entire altercation that resulted in Jamar's ejection. In previous years there have been contestants that fans petitioned online to have removed from the show due to offensive behavior, however, producers have never succumbed the plight of the fans—until now apparently. By Julia Thompson Mar 19, 2020 Kyle and Jamar butted heads over Kyle thinking Jamar was down or depressed when he was just being himself. Deaf U: What Happened To The Show's Stars After Filming Ended? While removing Kyle is a step in the right direction of showing fairness, it doesn't absolve the show's crew of the original unfair decision to remove Jamar, while ignoring other more aggressive behavior from other houseguests. 90 Day Fiancé: Angela Deem Went to See $200 An Hour Psychic to the Stars, The Bachelorette: Everything to Know About Model Chasen Nick. When Kyle told Jamar his mood was making him feel "uncomfortable" it all kicked off. Viewers need that reminder every once in a while. Did Kanye Miss Kim Kardashian's Island Bday For Joe Rogan's Podcast? ET on Wednesdays and at 8 p.m. Tensions rose in the Big Brother house as two houseguests clashed over a misunderstanding. Fans online are happy that Kyle was ejected; however, many are saying it doesn't make up for Jamar's unfair removal in the first place. This week has been pretty pivotal, both inside and outside of the Big Brother house. Big Brother Canada chose to eject Kyle following backlash surrounding ejecting Jamar but that doesn't mean the problem magically goes away. So sorry to have to make this video but I just wanted those of you who are waiting for a BBCan video to understand why there wont be any. On Tuesday, news spread that Jamar had been ejected by producers from the Big Brother Canada house due to statements he made during a house meeting which threatened other contestants. Big Brother is a game that tests its houseguests both physically and mentally, and there is rarely a season that doesn't have at least one heated house meeting or an argument between two or more house guests that ends in yelling and ugly body language; season 8 of the Canadian installment is no different. One user asked, "Can someone tell me why Kyle got kicked out? The question is, though, does Kyle's removal make up for Jamar being unfairly removed in the first place? You can watch the full explanation in the clip below: Arisa comes on to show us what happened after Jamar was removed from the game. At the beginning of the week, we found out that fellow player Jamar Lee was removed from the house for a breach of rules. Hopefully, the production crew took note of that too and will be more cautious moving forward when they're editing houseguests to be portrayed in a certain light or unceremoniously and arbitrarily ejecting them back into the outside world. In the days that followed Jamar's ejection, he received an outpouring of support from fans as well as former Big Brother players who shared their anger on his behalf, many pointing out that former houseguests had made comments far worse than what he said, calling the decision unfair and racist. In an unexpected twist to tonight’s episode of Big Brother Canada, producers have ejected contestant Kyle Rozendal due to a “pattern of disturbing behavior.” Earlier in the week, production made the controversial decision to remove houseguest Jamar Lee.

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