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Kyle says he had a boxing match, and got hit in the nose. Kyle stays with Summer at her place all night, and is there to comfort her when she first wakes up. Kyle was "less than pleased" that his father Jack was re-developing a relationship with his ex-wife Nikki, who killed his mother in self-defense. Kyle showed concern for Lola when she began dating Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson). Kyle quips that it is luck of the Abbott's. But, someone else knows the truth about Lola, suggest Young and the Restless spoilers. Courtney and Noah get engaged, but she is late to the wedding. [32], Ryan described as being a "little brat" but noted that it was "fun to play". Kyle also attempts to woo Summer on a date, and Summer is uncomfortable because she did the same thing with Austin. Kyle even goes so far to breaks into Sharon's house and write a lipstick message on Sharon's mirror, hoping to scare her into confessing. ‘Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Kyle Finds Lola Near Dead – Mia to Blame? Kyle and Summer start to reconnect and Kyle feels bad over what he has done to hurt Summer's grandfather. Despite the tension between the two, Kyle and Abby both attend Jack and Phyllis' engagement party, and are able to be cordial. Kyle Jenkins Abbott (born Christian Victor Newman) is a resident of Genoa City, currently portrayed by Michael Mealor. However, Hood talked about how Kyle's goal to "live a happy full life" may not happen because he just happened to have "stepped into this situation where the woman who killed his mother is still here." I'm definitely sticking around on the show. Fem gave all the evidence he has to Paul, who later claimed it was linked to drug lord named Marco Annicelli, though he later said there wasn't enough evidence to tie Marco to the murders. Kyle: Yeah, no offense, Abby, but, um, you have a big mouth. [12][13][14][15] He was previously known for his role of Mark Driscott on The CW's 90210. Abby says she didn't do it, and says that they all have as much motive as she did. However, Jack eventually gave Kyle back to Diane,[41] and they moved to Chicago.[42]. [19] In March 2013, after a year in the role, Hood was let go and replaced with Hartley Sawyer. Introduced on January 8, 2001, the character is the son of businessman Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) and Diane Jenkins (Maura West). Harding died during a stand off between Paul and Dylan. Abby runs out of the church in tears, and Mariah accuses Kyle of knowing about the affair. In March 2018, Kyle returned to Genoa City to visit Victor in the hospital. Phyllis was acquitted, then found the note that Diane had written to pay a bum to call Phyllis away from the wedding. Kyle is the son of Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins. Soon after, it is said that Kyle was sent to work for Jabot in New York. He asked his mother point-blank if she really was a homewrecking arsonist. Jack vowed to fight to keep Kyle with his biological family. Kyle voted from afar and voted against his own father to Jack’s surprise and distress. This widens the suspects to anyone who wouldn't want the documentary exposed. Right after Lola Rosales saw Kyle Abbott propose, she went totally ham on her new guy. Upon seeing that Jack and Nikki, the woman responsible for his mother's death, were in a relationship, he expressed his anger and distaste towards them, claiming they were bashing Diane's memory. Michael, Mariah, and Kevin are able to proof Sharon is innocent and she is released. She also pleaded with Victor to sign the custody papers for Kyle if anything were to ever happen to her. Mariah, Kevin, Kyle, and Courtney storm into the Abbot cabin and accuse Abby of Austin's murder. Kyle and Eden eventually broke up, and Kyle offered his support to Summer Newman. Jack called Diane to bring her up to speed. At first, Young and the Restless spoilers indicate Lola Rosales pushes back and denies she still wants her hubby. [1] For the character's first three-year run, he was portrayed by a series of infant toddler actors. Diane Jenkins admitted to doing some things in her youth that she was not proud of and said Phyllis Summers used elements of Diane's past to write the article. After Phyllis hear about Austin's death, she comes over to comfort Summer. Diane returned to town with Kyle again eight months later. Later, Victor showed Jack the custody papers that Diane made him sign, and Jack was infuriated at Victor and his deceased ex-wife for trying to take his son away from him. Jack plots with Kyle and Billy to have Victor arrested for embezzlement, and the plan is incredibly successful. ",, Articles with dead external links from February 2020, Articles with permanently dead external links, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 September 2020, at 11:15. While his father was under investigation, Kyle stole Jack's Harvard class ring that the police were looking for as evidence.

Victor is released from jail, and knows th Abbotts set up, which only makes him more determined to do after them. Summer remembered she heard that ringtone at the cabin that night, and stormed off to confront Harding. Summer says she doesn't think she could go through with it, and Phyllis tells Summer she will take care of everything. Kyle told Ashley he was going to fill in as CEO while Jack was in jail.

Kyle returned in 2012 as a young adult to attend the christening of his cousin. She and Tucker slept together during a storm when they were supposed to be signing a contract.

Abby sees him, and Kyle jokes about how he was going to crash Abby's killer party. Kyle went to the Abbott mansion where he gave Phyllis the cold shoulder and demanded that Jack tell him if the Restless Style article Phyllis wrote was true. but Tobias ended up in an accident. Later, she ran into detective Mark Harding, and heard his ringtone. When he comes back into the waiting area, Summer, Kevin, Mariah, Abby, and Noah Newman are there. While Lola keeps raging at Theo Vanderway (Tyler Johnson), the real problem is Kyle Abbott. Lola finally pleaded for Kyle to be honest with her, a Kyle then began dating Eden Baldwin. Lola still loves her husband, Kyle. After two years, he was rapidly aged to an adult, with Blake Hood stepping into the role in April 2012. [21] Casting directors used a scene previously been performed by Noah Newman to recast the character. These days on Y&R, Lola Rosales wears a perpetual frown. [7][8] When asked at the 38th Daytime Emmy Awards if he was remaining with the series, Ryan replied: "Um, yes. Of course, the perpetually pouty cook won’t admit her feelings on the CBS soap opera. Kyle asks Summer to let him help her through this, and assures her he isn't going anywhere. [39] Soon after, she renamed the baby Kyle. [22] Sawyer made his debut on April 24, 2013. [28] In March 2016, it was revealed that after months of being on recurring, Buchanan had been dismissed from the role; he last appeared on April 26, 2016. Abby wonders if Austin could have survived, and died by crashing an abandoned car; but Mariah brings up that Austin had no pulse. Kyle later went to check on GC Buzz, a subsidiary of Jabot, where he knew Mariah worked. He previously played in South African domestic cricket for the Dolphins. As a result of him insulting her, Sharon stole Kyle's driver's license as part of her kleptomania. Upon seeing Nikki, the woman who killed Diane, and Jack together, he expresses his anger and distaste towards their relationship, claiming that they were bashing his mother's memory by being together. Summer and Kyle caught Tobias Gray, a former employee of Jabot, watching them, but Tobias claimed he wasn't spying on them.

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