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Wees de eerste die een lezersrecensie schrijft! Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix You want them to know exactly what release to feature, especially when pitching to a Hype Machine blog (otherwise the plays will be directed to the wrong original upload). Become a supporter to keep it going. You can add tracks to your Up/Down/Weird playlists when you favorite them. Facebook is the most powerful alternative, however unless you have strong social proof (visible accomplishments on your profile) or a lot of mutual friends, your attempt to connect might come across poorly. If a blogger doesn’t have a personal website link on their profile, or doesn’t have a profile, you should run a few basis Google searches for someone’s full name (first name + last name) and if there is a site, it’ll likely pop up, as well as any related personal Facebook and Twitter pages. Open a PowerShell console as Administrator. Both premieres and exclusives offer a bigger value proposition than just requesting a feature, so you should incorporate them in all your release sequences (preferably premieres). These, and a whole range of large non-EDM oriented publications, such as The Fader, FACT, XLR8R, Pigeons and Planes and Nylon Magazine also have massive reach, but may be harder to get through to. Premium credits cost about $1, with discounts for buying in bulk. Once the premiere or feature goes live, you follow with the features. He currently serves on the advisory boards of the Alan Turing Institute, the British National Institute for Data Science in London, the Centre for Responsible Media Technology and Innovation in Norway, and C6 Bank, Brazil’s first all-digital bank. In other words… you need to PUT IN THE WORK. Advertise. As you start to reach out at scale, it’ll be a great asset to know exactly when it’s the right time to follow up, as well as that all the contacts you’re hitting up are still actually blogging. Grizzly Bear – Verckatimest. “Do you know any writers that cover this type of music?”. Music blogs are essentially websites that cover music. At Heroic we take this very seriously, as we have multiple people marketing at all times and we want to make sure our network doesn’t get tired of us. . We’ll talk about the differences, how to get featured on each and discuss a unique tool for submitting music to blogs. This will allow you to filter your database based on a specific style so you can easily see what influencers might be interested in covering it. Your chance to rate and be rated. Currently, Hype Machine is able to find direct MP3 links and single tracks posted via SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and Audiomack. The site was born out of Volodkin's frustration with music magazines and radio stations. The track may be too large to be picked up. History. Be sure to check for coupons by clicking the “Add Coupon” button! More independent blogs include the likes of EARMILK, NestHQ, The Music Ninja, Caveman Sound and Indie Shuffle are generally more open to upcoming artists, as long as the music is good, and this tier is our recommended starting point for artists looking to secure blog coverage. Thanks! It’s crucial that you constantly update your database. They say that first impressions last and most bloggers would argue it’s true. Your success getting your music posted on music blogs or trending on Hype Machine is directly related to the quality of your content, depth of research, quality and volume of your pitches. In the last piece of our Mastering Music PR series, we covered the foundations of outbound marketing and the role that publicists play, as well as the different music promotion services they offer. The Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool (DISM) helps configure Windows and Windows images. Their follower count is displayed at the top, which means that whenever they post a song, it’ll show up in the Hype Machine feed of their 25.000 followers. Check your spelling and make sure you sound like an intelligent human being. We will not count any lists you post in the comments. Also, you should use the platform from your artist project’s Twitter account, so it’s immediately clear that you are reaching out as an artist. Among its many applications, DISM can enable Windows features while the operating system is running. Avoid front-loading all your Hype Machine blog posts. Drawing on two decades of his own research and business experience, Aral goes under the hood of the biggest, most powerful social networks to tackle the critical question of just how much social media actually shapes our choices, for better or worse. Click Allow to get desktop notifications when Hype Machine is in the background. All these sites have submission emails that you can find in on their ‘contact’ or ‘about’ pages, however as blog promotion has become common practice in the industry, these blogs are now receiving hundreds of submissions via this path. It’s all about the traffic. You’d research 3-5 similar acts, that are. While some love to befriend artists and are very receptive to being approached on social media platforms, others prefer remaining anonymous and prefer being contacted only by email. Submit A Link to Top 10 Albums List Spreading out posts is effective because every time a new post is indexed on Hype Machine, it’ll be pushed up higher into the charts and shown to that blog’s respective followers. Once a week, Stack delivers a mix of the most interesting new music on the web, handpicked by the Hype Machine team. If you are a blogger (even if you’re not listed on The Hype Machine), and have made a Top 10 Albums of 2009 list, head over here and submit a link. A landmark insider’s tour of how social media affects our decision-making and shapes our world in ways both useful and dangerous, with critical ideas on how to protect ourselves in the 2020 election and beyond, 'The most important book of the year . 2 – Ian Brown : My way (We hope Wendel doesn’t get buried under email because we wrote this article. The XX – The XX Its value is determined by the ratio of active versus inactive (when a blogger has stopped writing or their site is discontinued) contacts, the precision with which you research their contact details (personal emails over generic promo addresses) and whether you keep track of when you last touched base with them. At the end of the day, they’re also people in the music industry whom share a similar passion. Hype Machine is a lot like the three of us when we were 15—completely obsessed with music, and always online. So initial reach out 14 days before the release, first follow-up 7 days before the release. A blog’s social reach is also part of their influence and beyond securing coverage on the actual site, any social support (Facebook or Twitter posts) can help drive traffic. This allows for plenty of time to provide further information and coordinate specifics such as posting times, premieres, reposts and social posts. 7. This is something that large publications request as they have the leverage to justify it. All the blog posts of a specific release are then grouped under that release on the platform, and as users listen to the music via Hype Machine, the plays are directed back to the original upload from where the embed was sourced. Best to trace them by looking for similar acts and seeing which blogs covered them. Track down the author’s who have covered similar content. If you think it’s a lot of work, consider releasing frequently (say once a month) and adding 50 contacts to your database with every release. You can use it to discover the best upcoming and most supported music at this very moment. You then log all of these details in your database. Install Hyper-V on Windows 10. In terms of tracking genres, it’s best if you maintain a few broad categories under which all contacts can be grouped. If the blogger doesn’t respond to your request within the allotted 48 hour time-slot, your credit is refunded. 10am-9pm. The site sources the music that is embed on the blog’s post, usually a SoundCloud upload. Above all, the best way to improve your success rate is by developing friendships with these influencers. Some blogs will even offer, or demand, to upload your music on platforms such as YouTube or SoundCloud. Instead, personalised reach outs are the way to go. The track may be too large to be picked up. December is always one of my favorite months here at The Hype Machine! You’ll have to hold off all other coverage until this period passes. We do not pick up EPs, albums, playlists, or videos. If you have feedback, ideas, or bugs to report, please get in touch here. (I’ve gone really deep on The Art Of Pitching in an earlier post). This documents walks through each option. The normal blogs tend to only reach the audience that regularly reads their site, is on their email list or RSS feed, whilst the Hype Machine indexed blogs do all that, while also indexed on the Hype Machine (captain obvious). 2. This project is far from complete and we are working on it every day. If it is, go ahead and pitch. Since 2005, Hype Machine is made in Brooklyn, NY by Anthony, Zoya, Scott & Dave and is funded by listeners like you. Even if you don’t blog, or haven’t made a list, you can still suggest an awesome best-of album list you’ve read. The process for pitching has multiple steps: initial reach-out, potential follow-ups and reminders on the release date. Atlas Sound – Logos She actually works on PR over at Heroic and we’d like to urge you not to spam her to death… and not to do it because we told you not to (reverse psychology = real, we know)), Doing all this research to just submit a track to a blog might seem mundane, but a little effort goes a long way – especially when all of the information is easily accessible on the internet. It’s made by Jason, the founder of IndieShuffle. SubmitHub is a service that acts as a middle-man between music submitters (artists, managers, publicists) and recipients (blogs, YouTube / SoundCloud channels, recently even adding labels). This presents music (and media) publications with a dichotomy. In mapping out strategies for being more thoughtful consumers of social media, The Hype Machine offers the definitive guide to understanding and harnessing for good the technology that has redefined our world overnight. As an example, let’s look at Wendel from Earmilk. Finally, it is possible that you posted a file encoded in an unsupported bitrate (less than 64Kbps), sampling frequency (only 11, 22, 44kHz supported) or format other than MP3.

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