hornady eld match 308 168 grain load data

SMK, 39.0 gr. SMK, 40.0 gr. IMR 4895, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer No modern powders need apply.

If your rifle utilizes a 1 in 12” rifling twist, check your target (at distance) for accuracy and bullet key-holing. SMK, 43.0 gr. SMK, 41.0 gr. Regardless of how many other great match cartridges are out there (and there are quite a few), the venerable .308 Winchester still reigns as the premier "go too" match cartridge. IMR 4895, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer190 gr. .308 Match Loads Effective out to 500 MetersIf the wind is blowing like no tomorrow, the 175, 180 and 190 gr. Choose products to compare, adding one at a time.

308 Win – 165gr Sierra GameChanger … The 168 gr. Palmettostatearmory. Removing a stuck case with a grease gun. There are several options available for receiving notifications of new posts to include via email, push notifications, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and more. ELD® Match bullet with Heat Shield® tip delivers the excellent terminal performance TAP Precision® is known for, but features a resilient, heat resistant polymer tip that improves the ballistic coefficient, resulting in higher impact velocities, less drop, less wind drift, and more energy on target. Recommend the use of RCBS, Redding or Forster-Bonanza full-length sizing and associated seating dies for the majority of these loads. loads will help you stay on target with a minimum of windage adjust required. TriCities, WA. All Palmetto Reloading Gear/Accessories! Other three were @ 30 grains @ 1800-2000 FPS simulating a long distance shot at 300-400 yards. Steve. Hornady ELD-X .308 178 grain, Hornady .308 168 grain AMAX, Nosler .308 165 grain (Hunting) BTs.

FA-Frankford ArsenalFed-FederalGM-Federal Gold Medal Match PrimerGr.-GrainsH-Hodgdon Powder CompanyIMR-Improved Military Rifle Powder (formerly Dupont, now owned by Hodgdon)LC-Lake City ArsenalNM-National MatchOAL-Over All Cartridge LengthRL-Reloder Powder (Alliant Powder Company)SMK-Sierra Match King BulletWCC-Western Cartridge CompanyWin-Winchester. Campfire Kahuna. .308 Match Loads Effective out to 200 and 300 Meters The primary (accuracy) powder charge for each load is noted below. 99.9% of the time, you’ll find that one or more of these loads will create that “one-hole group” or at the very least sub MOA group that you’ve been looking for. Don't use the 210M the load shoots better with the 210 standard primer. SMK, 42.0 gr. Campfire Kahuna. The distances referenced below come from the discipline of NRA High Power Rifle Silhouette. If you decide to switch from military match brass to civilian brass, I’d recommend utilizing Winchester, Remington, Federal, Norma, Hornady Match, RWS Match or Lapua Match. TriCities, WA. Loads fired with 168- to 200-grain bullets were done in conjunction with NoslerCustom cases. (38.0 to 40.0 gr.) (37.0 to 39.0 gr.)
IMR 4064, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer168 gr.

The primary (accuracy) powder charge for each load is noted below. best load 300wsm hornady 168 gr eld match, charge varget 308 168 grain, ... hornady 168 bthp load data varget, hornady 308 168 grain bthp match load data, imr 4064 178 gr bullets, load data berger 168 gr with 4064 in 30-06, pet loads for 308 winchester.

(38.5 to 40.5 gr.) This guide contains the results of Hornady ammunition tested according to established FBI penetration testing .308 match loads for use in AR-10 style rifles will be covered in an future article. Have fun and enjoy! IMR 4064, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer180 gr. 6 PPC – More tests with 68gr Bart’s Ultra and N133 .

Win 748, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer.

Win 748, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer180 gr. (38.5 to 40.5 gr.) This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Eagle Cam long range and Wifi Repeater Part 2. ELD® MATCH TAP PRECISION® ammunition was designed as an improvement on the 168 gr. AMAX copper did fly apart but lead held together and penetrated … The primary (accuracy) powder charge for each load is noted below.

IMR 3031, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer168 gr.

SMK, 41.0 gr. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Reloaders Network focuses on firearms, shooting sports, reloading, bullet casting, and the related gear and accessories. Posts: 15,280. Bayourambler Member.

Here we go! 0. (42.0 to 43.4 gr.) 308 Win – 168gr Sierra Match King vs Hornady Match, Lee Buckshot Mould - 18 Cavity - 00 Buckshot - .330".

Introducing the Spee-de-capper! Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > All Reloader Gear. 175 gr. Click on a term to search for related topics. SMK, 43.4 gr. Safety, accuracy, and consistency are your primary concerns. RL 15, Lapua Match Brass, Fed 210 Primer. Hornady® 308 WIN TAP 168 gr. Win 748, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer. Click tabs to view ballistics and gelatin data/images that show performance through each FBI Protocol barrier. IMR 4895, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer168 gr. D. Joined: Sep 2004.

Hornady cases were used for developing all load data with bullets ranging in weight from 100 to 165 grains. When utilizing civilian brass with loads that were developed in military match brass, you can increase the powder charge by ~1.0 grain to closely match pressures and ballistics achieved in the military match brass. Unless otherwise noted, the following loads assume that you’re utilizing Lake City Arsenal (LC) or Frankford Arsenal (FA) Military Match brass. IMR 4064, Remington or Federal Brass, Fed 210 Primer175 gr. (38.5 to 40.5 gr.) A-MAX TAP PRECISION® load by incorporating the new ELD® Match bullet.

All were shot using IMR 4895. loads above will work like a champ at this distance as long as the wind isn't too bad.

A range of powder grains is included for load tweaking purposes. SMK, 40.5 gr. Trajectory solutions based on projectile drag coefficient combined with exact physical modeling of the +12. SMK, 40.0 gr. When I say "a lot," I'm not kidding you at all (average runs 15 to 20 request for help/information per week). SMK, 39.0 gr.

SMK, 43.4 gr.

IMR 4064, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer190 gr.

They are very coveted and amazing to work with! SMK, 39.0 gr. SMK, 40.5 gr. IMR 4064, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer175 gr. You can substitute the Federal 210 GM or Win 81/2-120 (currently designated WLR - Winchester Large Rifle) primer for the Federal 210 primer. (44.0 to 45.5 gr.) Win 748, Remington or Federal Brass, Fed 210 Primer175 gr. https://www.instagram.com/johnnysreloadingbench/, Gordons Reloading Tool (GRT), How to Start Using.

IMR 4895, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer175 gr.

A-MAX TAP PRECISION® load by incorporating the new ELD® Match bullet. Posts: 15,280. Find an authorized Hornady LE/Military Distributor near you.

(37.0 to 39.0 gr.) Well, the following .308 match loads have worked extremely well for me in competitions over the past 35+ years. SMK, 42.5 gr. This brass has the best internal case capacity and wall thickness consistency of any .308 brass ever fabricated.

Firearm: Remington 700P | Barrel: 26" | Twist Rate: 1:12. SMK, 42.0 gr. D. David_Walter OP.
Testing the 168gr Sierra Match King and 168gr Hornady Match BTHP in .308 Winchester with IMR 4895. https://www.instagram.com/johnnysreloadingbench/ https://www.patreon.com/reloading. Hornady 168 grain AMAX match load data? Canister powder or readily available? (42.0 to 43.4 gr.) (41.0 to 43.0 gr.)

(39.5 to 41.5 gr.) ELD® MATCH TAP PRECISION® ammunition was designed as an improvement on the 168 gr. 168 gr. The most consistent and, therefore, most desirable of the "old school" brass would be FA 63 Match, FA 64 Match, LC 64 Match, LC 64 NM, LC 66 Match, LC 66 NM, LC 72 Match or LC 77 Match.

In my Remington 308 VSS I use Sierra 168-grain MKs over 47-grains of BL-C#2 powder and a Federal 210 standard primer. Hornady 178 ELD-X load data for 308.

Please go to Appearance > Sidebars and drag a widget into User Submit Sidebar. These loads assume the use of 1 in 10” or 1 in 11” rifling twist. Exception would be the M1A service rifle...utilize small-base, full-length sizing dies.

You’re not sure where to start and, don’t wish to spend a small fortune on components (by the way, powder prices have increased again averaging $30.00 per pound retail plus tax) or, all your time on the shooting bench load testing. 300 Blackout – 220gr Nosler Ballistic Tip Subsonic. These loads also assume the use of Redding or RCBS full length match dies, Redding Competition Seating Die and a 2.80” overall cartridge length. Disclaimer (got to make the lawyers happy): Since I have no control over variations in components, reloading tools or reloader’s procedures, the individual is solely responsible for any changes in ballistics that may occur using this data.

A range of powder grains is included for load tweaking purposes. The Hornady A-Max 168-grain also shoots very well with this loading. Joined: Mar 19, 2017 Messages: 444 Location: Louisiana. This round has been tested and recommended by the NTOA. I do not assume any liability in conjunction with the use of any product or data. 308 Win – AR-10 – Lapua Scenar 155 & 167gr with RL 15.

This testing DID reveal a few surprises. SMK, 45.5 gr. H-4895, LC Match, Fed 210 Primer168 gr.

Users assume all risk, responsibility and liability whatsoever for any and all injuries (including death), losses or damages to persons or property (including consequential damages), arising from the use of any product or data. 175 gr. Long Range .308 Match Loads – Effective past 500 MetersThese loads are on the stout side but, I’ve never had pressure problems while utilizing the Remington 700 Special Purpose or Heavy Varmint barrel rifle. 175 gr.

I had the rifle rebarreled with a HART 1 in 12" twist and the load still shoots one hole.

Testing the 168gr Sierra Match King and 168gr Hornady Match BTHP in .308 Winchester with IMR 4895. H-4895, Remington or Federal Brass, Fed 210 Primer175 gr. protocol. Contact Form 7 or GravityForms plugin is required! Hornady® 308 WIN TAP 168 gr. The 168 gr. Thread Status: Not open for further replies. projectile. SMK, 40.0 gr.

168 gr.

.308 Match Loads Effective out to 200 and 300 MetersThe primary (accuracy) powder charge for each load is noted below.

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