gatech ece courses

1-21 Credit Hours. Flexible core course - 3 hour course must be different from ECE's track. Computational approaches for applications such as radar signature prediction, microwave antenna and device design, and modeling techniques for electronic packaging. An introduction to advanced signal processing methods that are used in a variety of applications areas. Develop algorithms unique to spatial processing.

ECE 4043. 4 Credit Hours. Introduces power semiconductor devices and power electronic converters, including single-phase and three-phase ac/dc rectifiers, ac voltage controllers, dc/dc converters, and dc/ac inverters. Principles of neural networks and fuzzy systems; the MATLAB Neural Network and Fuzzy Logic Toolboxes; examples from system identification, classification, and control; laboratory experience. 2 Credit Hours. Modern counting theory and algorithmic approaches necessary for discrete computation. ECE 4273.

Spatial Array Processing.
Methods of Pattern Recognition with Application to Voice.

ECE 6543.

He has been a witness experts in a number of patents infringement cases. 1 Credit Hour. ECE 4170. 3 Credit Hours. 3 Credit Hours. ECE 1892. Computer system and digital design principles. Topics in Engineering Practice. ECE 2030. Circuits and Electronics. ECE 6556. ECE 4803. 3 Credit Hours. Special Topics. Use network techniques, like node analysis and loop analysis, to write equations for large linear circuits. 3 Credit Hours. Requires formal reports and group presentations. Electronics Packaging Assembly, Reliability, Thermal Management, and Test. 3 Credit Hours.

3 Credit Hours. Algorithms and methodologies for the design of real-time, low-power embedded computing systems. ECE 6323. An introduction to the theory, design techniques, and applications of analog passive, active, and switched- capacitor filters. ECE 4390. Specification and design of asynchronous digital systems. ECE 6606. 4 Credit Hours. Special Problems. Intelligent Control. Public speaking practice and preparation. | Architecture, Systems, Concurrency and Energy in Computation. 5 Credit Hours. 1 Credit Hour. Technical tools and professional issues for engineering practice and early career development. ECE 8803. Experiments in analog electronics using discrete devices and off-the-shelf integrated circuits. 3 Credit Hours. Covers a number of advanced topics in programming methods, data management, distributed computing, and advanced algorithms used in typical engineering applications. 3 Credit Hours. ECE 6786. Introduction to Robotics Research. To learn more about this degree program, visit the M.S.E.C.E website. Modern Electric Energy Systems. System level issues in integrated microsystems. He lead a team that is organizing the IEEE VIP Cup, 2017. 1 Credit Hour. Plasma Processing of Electronic Materials and Devices. 4 Credit Hours. ECE 4751. Special Topics. A higher level of design for analog and digital systems is presented.

1 Credit Hour. Digital System Design. 3 Credit Hours. Implementation technologies. 3 Credit Hours. Textbook(s) ECE 4011.

1 Credit Hour. Digital Processing of Speech Signals. ECE 7999. ECE 8892. 3 Credit Hours. 1 Credit Hour. Analog Electronics Laboratory. Electromagnetic Compatibility. Instrumentation and Circuits Laboratory. 2 Credit Hours. Special Topics. Analog Integrated Circuits. 4 Credit Hours.
Datapath, memory organization, instruction set architecture, assembly language. Optimal Control and Optimization. GPU Programming for Video Games.

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