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PROTESTER: Are we going to let them poison our water? CRAIG SAUTNER, DIMOCK RESIDENT: The closest they were drilling to me was Dimock, Pennsylvania. But this ecological wonder that gives New York its life-blood is under threat - as big industry seeks to exploit the energy mother-lode that lies deep beneath it. Don't frack New York.

We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. PROTESTER: People got sick, their water supplies got damaged, and it's horrible, and what's worse is that the DEP in Pennsylvania is not even standing up for the people, they're actually siding with the industry and it's frightening and unfortunately because of all of the exemptions in our national laws there's really no one looking after the people. What can be done against the destructive greed of the companies? I mean they hate us, they actually hate us.".

West of the Hudson River, the Catskill Mountains are one of America's most significant watersheds a catchment that provides drinking water to more than 20 million people in New York, Philadelphia and hundreds of other towns and cities in between.

Essentially thumbed their nose at the state of Pennsylvania and said, "We're more powerful than you are."

Note: Although the USA are the world’s largest producer of oil, the non-conventional extraction means employed in this country are much more expensive than the techniques employed in countries such Iran, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, which don’t need to spend so much money in obtaining their conventional oil, so they can sell it much cheaper. Where do these statistics come from? Independent analysis have reached clear results about water composition: it is highly damaging to environment and to people. GASLAND PART II begins with the 2012 State of the Union Address, in which President Obama declares his support for the safe development … Fox knew the controversy on fracking, and that this device had been practised in his country for some years, and wanted to investigate into the phenomenon. Governor Corbett acknowledges the campaign contributions but says his loyalty can't be bought. He shows that there are still some honest politicians who refused the bribes of industry and weren’t intimidated by pressures of energy lobby. that BP was spraying chemical dispersants, Josh Fox (born 1972) is an American film director, playwright and environmental activist, best known for his Oscar-nominated 2010 documentary, Gasland. Human diseases, fatal and perhaps lethal. The list is long, and the names are of products who nobody who loves life would like to have inside his or her organism. REPORTER: Do you accept that wells can be contaminated by the drilling process? My husband has 89 micrograms per litre, somewhere round there. Synopsis.

At the height of the Bush administration, new energy laws were introduced exempting gas companies involved in fracking from revealing either their techniques or the make-up of the potent chemical brews they pumped deep below the Earth's surface. But it's the method gas companies use to release and capture the gas - called Hydraulic Fracking - that's alarming residents in the big apple. Oil & Gas companies borrow against their reserves. But not before they have poisoned their own aquifers. Among the many worthy witnesses in Gasland there is an special one. JOSH FOX: And I didn't sleep for, you know, the next week. But this University invalidated the study after finding out that the chief researcher had financial interests in gas industry, which wasn’t mentioned in the report. I don't recall hearing about water being on fire. This is serious stuff! Downplaying the potential human health risks associated with fracking - Governor Corbett also appears reluctant to investigate it further. Now the controversial term is at the heart of a raging social and environmental debate. Some of the components are well-known, and are frightening: carcinogens, causal of congenital diseases and malformations, and of disorders in the nervous system. ( Log Out /  In the subcommittee of Congress shown in the film, some of these honest politicians interrogate a bunch of CEOS, who appear as amoral beings, lacking in any argument when somebody holds them accountable. Gasland Part II Synopsis: A documentary that declares the gas industry's portrayal of natural gas as a clean and safe alternative to oil is a myth, and that fracked wells inevitably leak over time, contaminating water and air, hurting families, and endangering the earth's climate with the … Fox shows that a group of New Yorkers worried about the effects of fracking in the quality of water and in human health commissioned an independent investigation which left them even more worried; the group convened a press conference to present the situation, but no journalist attended the meeting. In Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Texas, and other States (up to 24) where fracking is widespread, he found people affected by serious health problems (neurological, digestive, circulation disorders) caused by fracking pollution in groundwater and surface water, air and soil. JOSH FOX: What they're engaging in is pure speculation - there is no science that proves this drilling can be done safely. How could this be happening?". They're known as the Damascus Citizens - and the group owes much of its success to community activist Barbara Arindell. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania's State Capital and the seat of its staunch Republican Governor, Tom Corbett.

Although they insist on refusing to reveal the chemicals thrown to aquifers, companies deny -without presenting any evidence- any responsibility in environmental degradation and human diseases. What's happening?

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Fracking has allowed gas and oil American companies to reach big reserves of natural gas in the undersoil, and through this finding the United States were able for a while to become an energetic power and get over one of its many capitalist crisis. After what may have been months of drinking what turned out to be contaminated well water, Bradford County resident Crystal Stroud noticed something strange. He is a farmer from Wyoming called John Fenton, who denounces the environmental degradation, the pollution of water, the bad condition of animals that drink this water. After being approached by a gas company wanting to drill on his property, Josh attended a meeting of the Damascus Citizens hosted by Barbara Arindell. Several independent chemical analysis shown in the documentary detected many of the toxic chemical products added to fracking water. ( Log Out /  After the amendments, the companies were able to drill and inject in the subsoil vast quantities of water mixed with toxic chemicals.

Gasland is Fox’s urgent, cautionary and sometimes darkly comic look at the implications and impact of the massive drilling campaign that is currently sweeping the country and promising landowners a quick payoff with possible long-term costs. Josh Fox also lives in Damascus. Again, I need to know that there are health complaints and what those specific health complaints are. I have to prove something beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law after the questioning has been conducted and I haven't seen those reports and I haven't seen from those reports that it was the drilling that caused that. I've done nothing wrong, all I'm asking for is a few moments of my Governor's time and I feel like I have that right.". TOM CORBETT: The question is jobs or no jobs? This illegitimate collaboration of academic world and private interests, with economic incentives which doubtlessly constitute conflicts of interests, is very frequent in the United States. CRAIG SAUTNER: This is actually our water that came out of our well. He visited private houses and lands belonging to people who had accepted the same offer he had received, and his findings turn out to be horrifying. TOM CORBETT: At some point. The movie making is good, both in images and editing. Gasland, a documentary that sometimes seems a horror film, shows fracking’s catastrophic effects, and makes us glimpse what waits human beings and the planet if this practice is not banned forever. When you have reports, thousands of reports of water contamination across America, thousands, and growing every day - every county in Pennsylvania and there are, you know, 30 counties in Pennsylvania. American fracking companies, acting in connivance with States and Federal Governments (first Bush Jr Administration and then Obama Administration), have been providing people with toxic, inflammable water which have caused them chronic diseases. One day of May 2008 Josh Fox received in his countryside home, close to Delaware river, in the border of New York State and Pennsylvania, a letter signed by a gas company offering him a fortune (100.000 $) in exchange for giving permission to drill his property., Civil rights and popular struggles (English), HBO Documentary Films, International WOW Company. CRYSTAL STROUD: We asked to make an appointment with the Governor and they wouldn't allow us. But doctors have warned that the family's exposure has increased their risk of developing chronic health ailments in the future.

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