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I like it, I'm North America and the Pacific Islands on NS. Average income is 51,048 Flags, and evenly distributed, with the richest citizens earning only 4.2 times as much as the poorest. Unfortunately, I can't say I love it, it does not fit my nation as a "futuristic Prussian empire". All Rights Reserved.   Your previous content has been restored. All Flags Made Are Free to You To Use As You See Fit, 2020 US General Election Thread X: Fo… (10,313), Is the following thing canon in BN? It's a bit odd, but pale birch, blue, and white go so well together. A custom flag is a flag made from scratch and takes more time to make. The Ex-Nation flag, created by Valipac in May 2009,[9] is used on the forum to denote nations that are inactive or deleted: the One Stop Rules Shop prohibits nations from using the Ex-Nation flag. Specific shapes/figures you want on you're flag. Overview Factbook Dispatches Policies People Government Economy Rank Trend Cards. My oldest being Soviere, which is my attempt at creating a Communist state (and admittedly the easiest to me so far). Flag Makeria's national animal is the falcon, which can occasionally be seen dodging aircraft in the nation's cities, and its national religion is Vexillologism. Please refrain from 1 worded posts. [6], On 30 September 2017, the following countries and territories are available as preset flags:[7], The Australian Aboriginal Flag is the default selection in Create a Nation, as well as the fallback for newly-restored nations that previously had a custom flag, and nations whose flag was removed for contravening site rules. ^ According to Sunset's message to Minoa on 22 December 2013 on the NationStates IRC channel: "I'd rather not get a telegram every week or so asking why it's not working." Or deliberately oppress them. If I don't have you're email I cant give you you're flag, Nations I have servedEnonReformed union of north americaUnionxBellumxBellumxxImpetumImpetumxJantanuAramenaPrimostile, *By Having A Flag Made, You Here By Agree That You Name Will Be Added Above. The falcon, eagle, or hawk, some manner of bird of prey, is hunting down a sparrow. I did not know that. Maybe try black where the blue is, use a brighter red, and enlargen the heraldry to take up more space. I have an Arab-like puppet, so could someone make this flag more Middle Eastern: The Socialist Military Confederation of Russia. The Flag Maker economy, worth 204 trillion Flags a year, is driven almost entirely by the private sector, which is fairly diversified and led by the Basket Weaving industry, with major contributions from Book Publishing, Arms Manufacturing, and Automobile Manufacturing. When a player creates a new nation, the Australian Aboriginal Flag is pre-selected to reflect Max Barry’s country of origin. In-case you didn't know, This is a swastika. I have always taken large breaks from this game though and always end up losing my flags. Could someone make a more sci fi version of my flag? I would like to offer my skills as a Flag Creator to ANYONE who wishes to have a new Flag! I'm just wondering if the edit of the original image is a bit plain without the swastika. "Pick up a rifle and fight for the Hexagon!". Speaking of futuristic, here's another flag I'm quite happy with for another friend. [4], Since 8 October 2012, and in response to a request by the Vaktovian Confederacy, NationStates added the ability for nations to add a rippling effect to their uploaded flag:[5] The original texture was created by alxfa, a user from DeviantArt.

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