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Guitar Ukulele Piano new. October 9, 2020. Includes transpose, capo hints, changing speed and much more. I mean I'm so grateful for all those experiences and I think I'm more just appreciative. Yeah I'm really excited. You have had quite a summer. JIM MCGUINN: It's time for another session here with The Current and today we're gonna meet a relatively new artist, Blu DeTiger. Yeah, totally. I know that's hard to do because I'm trying to learn to do it right now. It shows me in New York City finding my way and riding on a motorcycle into the sunset and into the unknown…. I miss those endorphins of playing so bad. It's Blu DeTiger, and it's a session here with The Current.

I can talk to them individually and I can post to them all at once. For me it was kind of just like, this makes sense. Performing every night and getting used to being on stage and comfortable on stage. )Your t-shirt is ripped and it’s all the sameYou don’t know my name (What? She actually gives lessons now so I was thinking of hitting her up just to talk or play. I'm super excited to have a band of my own, I've always just been in bands for others.

[Verse 1] E Don't know what you're sayin' B C#m You're flyin' higher than a plane And I'm not complainin' D E It's gettin' too loud, we'll figure it out I'm not on my And then I think I wasn't-- I was kind of surprised that "Figure It Out" popped off on Tik Tok but now that I'm looking back at it I'm like ok, it was just like a perfect storm and I think the timing was really right and everything kind of just like intersected really nicely. It just dropped and been getting a lot of love and I really appreciate all the support so far. But yeah, her and then Tina Weymouth obviously and Tom Tom Club is also big inspiration of mine. But yeah, she's crazy.

Yeah I'm really ready and like as we were saying too, all the previous touring experience I've had - I feel way more y'know, confident and ready and just excited because I just know, I miss that feeling. I'm really into DJing, I'm really into playing bass. A cool clap sound or lush chords with reverb can put me in a mindset. Then I went to Guitar Center and got my first bass, and it was taller than me at the time. I think I definitely got way better at my instrument from that as well just 'cause I was improvising. Where I knew that those songs worked well but I would have to test those out first. ... How to Make a Modern Dresser || Woodworking... WHAT IS STUDYING IN THE US REALLY LIKE? Which was insane. I love playing other people’s music, but I wanted to express myself in a different way. Well, my first bass was a Gretsch and I think it was a little bit smaller, and might have been short scale.

I got really into DJing and was getting booked at a bunch of clubs in New York City. I talk to a lot of people online through messages and I try to get back to everyone. She also opened up about her process for new music, her upcoming EP and connecting with fans over social media. It's special but it's not the same as meeting people obviously, in real life.

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© 2020 Minnesota Public Radio. I think that was the first live performance I've seen of a female bass player and singer, because she's singing and playing these crazy bass lines which is really hard to do.

Figure It Out bass tab by Royal Blood. At age seven that's a challenging instrument to pick up. )I can’t really wait upOoooh ooooh…Figure it out…All mineYou say you wanna beMy all timeYou say you wanna beWho’s that guyYou say you wanna be butYou already had itAnd I’m not about it, nowOoooh ooooh…Figure it out…Figure it out. I know you just put out a new single with "Cotton Candy Lemonade" right? I feel like I've experienced that and now I'm just going to be so much more appreciative and experienced when I go in to start doing my own stuff. I had to come up with it on the spot a lot of the time. [Music: "Cotton Candy Lemonade" by Blu DeTiger].

Yeah it's gotta be a strange experience to see this sort of happen. @claaracolaI attempted transitions today ##quarantinemeals ##fyp ♬ Figure It Out – Blu DeTiger. The young artist has amassed a large social following through her fun and quirky content that gives you a glimpse into her creative world. How did that come about and evolve into making your own music? With so buzz, Blu Detiger and her bass might just win 2020. Well when we come back I want to talk about your time as a club DJ and adding bass to the DJ mix which I think is a really cool concept.

Do you have a band that's ready to go when you get a green light? But then I remember there was this gig I was doing in New York for like months where I would play every week at this club and I wasn't even the DJ there. blu detiger tabs, chords, guitar, bass, ukulele chords, power tabs and guitar pro tabs including figure it out That's amazing. Yeah it's weird it's still almost like doesn't feel real because it's all -- it's still only happening online and I'm only seeing numbers and things. So that one was all improvisation, so it kind of depended on the gig. I'm really happy that I chose bass first, and now I play guitar and other instruments. Chords. I saw her play at Le Poisson Rouge in New York, you know in the West Village? I've seen it work in the DJ sets, like this is so fun. Also Meshell Ndegeocello is one of my favorite bass players. She had my full attention. Indie-folk songwriter Ian St. Arnaud finds catharsis with debut LP, The Cost of Living. Now playing bass, have you researched into or heard about some of the great female bassists in rock history like the Carol Kaye's or the Tina Weymouth's and stuff like that? Yeah, so as I was saying, my older brother was playing drums and, so naturally, I'm two years younger, so naturally I was like, "I wanna do something too." That is Blu DeTiger and "Figure It Out" and we're here together. I feel like it's still relevant because we're still in it right now.

Are you ready? I was always writing music but I think my passion for DJing led me onto the path of releasing music under my name. I think as I got better I had the few that I knew, the songs that I knew that I knew how to play. Can you explain the concept and inspiration for your new single “Cotton Candy Lemonade” and the accompanying music video? My older brother was playing drums at the time, so I wanted to play an instrument too. Check out the tab » Backing track. Yeah it was kind of-- it really depended on the set. I know! It'll be fun. Bizarre Legacy: Golden Experience Requiem! And then just the performance experience, straight up. Yeah, it's been pretty crazy I guess.

)It’s getting too loud, we’ll figure it outI’m out of my brain (Huh? Just yum. This song stems from a lot of the emotions and feelings that the quarantine brought up – loneliness, and nostalgia for the recent past. The most common questions I'm asked!

Edinburgh students must be seething right now.

Not somebody who already had a, maybe an existing touring fanbase or record selling fanbase so you know, are you nervous about getting into the real world? Yeah pretty much, my older brother was playing drums and I was like, OK I want to pick up an instrument too. It was so fun and became my thing. I was seven, so in my head, this is just how I remember the story, but in my head I was thinking that guitar was too mainstream and I wanted to be more unique and different and I chose bass.

I feel like that almost happened with "Cotton Candy Lemonade," the newest single as well. Yeah, that's kind of - that was my beginning in New York. Each lyric rolls off Blu's lips oozing swag and style, as she nails each note and nonchalantly tells her suitor "thank you, next". Even rehearsing, I've done some big rehearsals with really good musical directors and really grateful for that experience as well.

Yeah, so full EP coming in the next few months. One, two, three! I don't even know how I was doing it. Why bass instead of keyboards or guitar or drums or some other instrument? All rights reserved. Joy; Patty Griffin; Dumpstaphunk and more, Virtual Gig List: Todd Snider; Gaelynn Lea; Cold War Kids and more, Sound Unseen 21st Annual Virtual Film and Music Festival, Minnesota Public Radio - 89.3 The Current. Play along with guitar, ukulele, or piano with interactive chords and diagrams. It was rare. Really fast.

Listen Live, Exploring the musical legacy of Prince and beyond Is there an album on the way or what's sort of the next step for you?

Crazy good. What is your creative process when working on new music?

I think because, you know, everyone-- the human experience-- like the sound of a real instrument over electronic music I think is really special.

I think it was done in like 30 minutes. “Figure It Out” came out on April 17, 2020, and was the fourth single release from NYC-based artist Blu DeTiger. 1 contributor total, last edit on May 19, 2016. So what drew you to the bass? Her passion for music soon expanded beyond DJing. I think when the bass videos and covers started to pop off it was kind of just what we were talking about with the DJing thing how I would take these popular songs, like most often like Top 40 songs and write a new bassline and improvise over it - that's kind of, that's what I'm doing in all of the Tik Tok videos that I do as well. Writing and producing come hand in hand and are inspired by each other so everything is very intertwined. It feels so good to engage with fans and be able to communicate with them. Is that how you kinda got into music? What made you realize this was the best way to connect with your fans while also promoting your music? There was another DJ and I was hired to sit in the club and just play bass over the DJ but I was like across the room so I didn't even know what they were playing. I have really funny cute photos of it. Tonebridge. I don't know. Jim McGuinn I feel really good about it and I'm just excited to meet people face to face honestly. But yeah I'm really excited about it. The son of John Lennon and Yoko Ono talks growing up and diving south of reality with Primus frontman Les Claypool.

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