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It manages interactions between other plugins to keep things running smoothly and provides a framework for chat modifications, economy systems, user permissions, and more. Here are the basic rules to follow if you want to use Bukkit plugins: Make sure that you are running a Spigot or CraftBukkit Minecraft server. Lists of plugins that are compatible, semi-compatible, no longer supported, and for those with no compatibility for Spigot/Bukkit 1.16. This is probably the most expensive, and most complicated (to learn) plugin around. RELATED: How to Run a Spigot Minecraft Server for Customized Multiplayer Backpack System 1.8.x - 1.16.x || A simple system for handling backpacks. One, who does NOT love throwing minecraft eggs around? I would be so broke and develop a gambling habit quicker than a llama can spit! When using the features provided with the Magic plugin, combined with the features provided by the Hereos plugin, then you will find that you offer RPG features that rival even some of the most advanced 3D RPG games around! If you wish to chat with me about any of these cool plugins, please hit me up on my discord server by clicking the discord banner below! It creates a highly detailed overhead view of your world that anyone can access from a web browser, and it updates in real-time, so you can even see where each player is in the world. Top Server Pick: The Land Of Zolth! Rather than placing individual blocks, it allows you to change every single block within a defined volume to whatever type of block you like. The default configuration is set up well for most large servers, but you can also modify all of the chat filter rules to suit your needs and the atmosphere of your specific server. Simple, elegant warps with a custom GUI and custom signs! The basic vanilla minecraft can be a bit boring when it comes to options for decorating ones home, farm or base. It has some of the same basic functionality of WorldGuard, in that it can prevent unauthorized players from modifying or destroying structures they didn't help build. It's also great if you want to have multiple different worlds to explore, a separate world for testing things out, or even a basic flat world to strip mine. Yeah, crazy crates is one of my most fave plugins of all time! Especially if they love to play on RPG servers! Simply because most players never even know those plugins exist in the background! Contact your Minecraft server host for more details. It does not matter that as admin, I can give myself as much of anything as I want as far as minecraft items is concerned, simply by going into creative mode. These are the ten best spigot plugins that I enjoy the most as a minecraft player. I love to build in minecraft, and I absolutely LOVE to decorate! Additional commands make it easy to build walls, copy and paste structures, and even undo mistakes. See if you can outrun the creepers, now THAT is fun to do with a 100% GAURANTEED death rate! Home. Yet I do love playing slots. No matter what animal suits your taste, EchoPet is a great plugin that enables you to have your own pet who will stick by your side through thick and thin. We have jotted down the best Minecraft plugins for all you gaming enthusiasts out there. No, that’s not the point, it’s the anxious waiting to SEE if I win that sends shivers!! Read about SpigotMC here! Spigot plugins, Bukkit plugins and CraftBukkit plugins all work on the Spigot server type - just drop them in your Minecraft plugins folder. I particularly love skeleton spawners. The sound alone will bring a chuckle!!! There are many fabulous spells that can be cast, when you implement this plugin, with my favorite being……can you guess it….THE AIR SCOOTER!!!! You can make a mob zoo, with each hostile mob set in a cage that keeps the zoo safe for other players. It works entirely in-game, so there's no need to edit configuration files and restart the server every time you want to give or remove, permissions from someone. Pets, mobs and morphs galore!! Plugins which work on a standard Spigot install. The more you play, the more you earn, so that you can claim more land! It also ties into DynMaps, which allows you to see exactly what parts of your world have been assigned. Especially when they operate a spigot server. Bukkit plugins can do anything from protecting your world and managing large servers to adding gameplay and new features, and we’ve compiled a list of the best to add to your server. Nothing makes me laugh more than entering a new server, walking around the spawn (usually in utter confusion), and suddenly finding myself flying through the air because I accidentally stepped on a jumppad! Grief prevention allows players to “claim” land (using a tool, typically a golden shovel). Message me on discord: yooniks#0289 to … Admins are able to freely create, destroy, and teleport between worlds. I absolutely love SpigotMC and the wide array of plugins that one can find on the SpigotMC website. The RLCraft Guide To Surviving The Nightmare…Epic Danger Awaits You! OK, my number ten plugin is so silly that some may wonder why I even bother mentioning it. The head database solves this problem, by providing over 20,000 decorative heads that one can use to decorate with! One can add all sorts of fun, exciting and amazing features to a minecraft server. This plugin gives the server admins the ability to set and change which commands specific players are able to use. If a server does not offer some kind of grief prevention, I will not bother building anything on it. I do this so that I can fling myself into the air & into trees. WorldEdit provides you with powerful tools to shape and change the landscape of your Minecraft server. This way players can then move the spawner to a more suitable location (like near their base YAY!). Servers that utilize this plugin, provide a way where players can mine the spawners (using silkspawn enchantment on a pickax). My favorite is the trampoline, I LOVE generating the trampoline! WorldEdit is also required by some other plugins. Having a stack of creeper mob eggs, and letting them all go at once and then running as fast as you can! This is a definite must-have plugin to use if you wish to operate an RPG server, and if you are into RPG, then you’ll find a lot of RPG servers utilize this very same plugin to provide the selection for races and classes. Since a lot of popular plugins don't work without Vault, it should be one of the first Bukkit plugins you download. Serving you only the best minecraft server information! I see it as a waste of my time. for players to enjoy, that it’s an absolutely brilliant work of art (in my personal opinion). Plugins which work on a standard Spigot install. Food, books, mob heads, aliens, dishes….you can find it in the database, which is VERY easy to search! Make sure that you are running a Spigot or CraftBukkit Minecraft server. There are also many servers which allow players to earn more claim blocks. GriefPrevention works with WorldGuard and WorldEdit, but you can use it by itself if you don't want to use those plugins. Allow players to choose their own namecolours! This plugin provides so many fun and cool perks (185!!!) Want a better Minecraft server? Home. You can harvest, plant, farm and cook these foods just like regular minecraft food! Jessica Kormos is a writer and editor with 15 years' experience writing articles, copy, and UX content for, Rosenfeld Media, and many others. Seriously, if you want to test some jumpapds, you should try the LoverFella server (Server IP: Have you ever done that? (configurable), A generator that boasts better trees and landscapes, Sync your Discord chat to your Minecraft server chat. Servers that offer this feature, provide something that players will enjoy in so many different ways that it’s absolutely amazing! On a server? I love to build exp (experience) farms. Essentials provides Minecraft server admins with over 100 useful commands and tons of features like kits for new players. It requires Vault for some features to work, but it provides all of the same utility as the original Essentials Bukkit plugin. With the right set of plugins, you can add powerful administration tools, make it impossible for trolls to grief your players, create brand new gameplay experiences, and more. If you want to use a Bukkit plugin, you need to have a CraftBukkit or Spigot Minecraft server. I have tried and tested literally hundreds of the plugins provided at Each player is, by default, given a claim when they create and place their first chest, and additional claims are allowed based on the amount of time that they actually continue playing on the server. From banners and balloons to arrow effects and player trails! Bukkit plugins, which work with both CraftBukkit and Spigot, make it extremely easy to modify and secure a Minecraft server. It provides a means where a sever operator can provide all sorts of fun and fabulous foods for players to enjoy. Mobs to eggs allows players to throw eggs at mobs, so that they “mob” can be captured into a spawn egg. GriefPrevention is a Bukkit plugin that makes it easy to allow players to claim their own areas to mine and build. Place the .jar file in your Minecraft server plugins folder. The number of awesome perks provided by this plugin is too massive to list here, why not visit the plugins page and see for yourself the fabulous options it provides! ). It was one of the most useful Bukkit plugins available, but it ceased development prior to the release of Minecraft 1.8. Play On One Of The Best RLCraft Servers Around. More information about the plugin can be found at:, The latest build can be downloaded from Instead, I am ranking the plugins I LOVE as a PLAYER, simply because they are so much darn fun! While bPermissions is a powerful tool for server admins, it is one of the many Bukkit plugins that require Vault. It opens up more possibilities for players who enjoy the farming aspect of minecraft! Download a Bukkit .jar file from a trusted source. Allows a player to play music anywhere if they have permission. As a player, it really makes playing on a server more enjoyable if there is an NPC with a GUI menu that is easy to use (click-n-go), than it is trying to learn a ton of server commands just so one can enjoy the play. If you use a hosting service, you will need to upload the .jar file to your server. It’s not a free server and the community and moderators on this server are awesome. I do have one server I enjoy playing on that does NOT have grief prevention. It also sometimes even makes it where other players can not go inside a players home (some servers allow entry, some do not). When they claim a piece of minecraft property on the server, then other players can not destroy it.

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