archlute vs theorbo

Thus lautenwercke are often smaller than their metal-strung relatives. This gives a theorbo a much wider range of pitches (notes) than a regular lute. Baroque Music Library The Baroque Music Club has produced a recording entitled. The BAROQUE MUSIC HOME PAGE - Breaking voice leading rules becomes necessary in order to preserve the bass line and bring out the unique tones of the theorbo. Internal structures placed below the soundboard are also found. Dynamic and color variation can also be pursued by using plectra having different properties. Lautenwercke often have more than one jack independently serving the same string. Tonal variation is achieved by plucking the string at different points along its length. The archlute largely replaced the theorbo in England at the beginning of the 18th century. There is often confusion between classification of the chitarrone, theorbo and archlute. The craftmanship of lutherie enchanted Tihamer, who following his graduation as an instrument maker, decided to explore the construction of a lute-harpsichord.
In 1600 the preface to Cavalieri's Rappresentatione di anima e di Corpo listed 'a chitarrone or theorbo, as it is called' (‘un Chitarone, ò Tiorba che si dica’). It had six to eight single strings running along the fingerboard and, alongside them, eight off-the-fingerboard bass strings, or diapasons. Originally posted Dec 28 2011 1:33 PM. Fleischer called his larger instrument the "Theorbenflugel" (theorbo-harpsichord). The accompanying note explains the technical differences in construction of the different instruments. Despite the octave displacement of the first two courses, solo music in tablature was printed for the Harpsichords normally have one dedicated jack per string. Frontispiece Baroque Music Defined As gut strings have more internal friction than their metal counterparts, they generally have less sustain. simple. The bass of the instrument is strong, with a good melodic quality and sustaining power. J.S. Extreme foreshortening of the scale in comparison to the harpsichord, reduces the tension a lautenwerck must bear. 'Questo
Baroque Music Performance: "Authentic" versus "Traditional" The Baroque Composers' Portrait Gallery It is related to the liuto attiorbato, the French théorbe des pièces, the archlute, the German baroque lute, and the angélique or angelica.

The most significant differences between theorbo and lute technique are that theorbo is played with the right thumb outside the hand, as opposed to Renaissance lute which is played with the thumb under the hand. The craftmanship of lutherie enchanted Tihamer, who following his graduation as an instrument maker, decided to explore the construction of a lute-harpsichord. This sort of elaboration is most often reserved for instruments having more than one manual. Baroque Music Library Solo music for the theorbo is notated in tablature, a form of music notation in which the frets and strings which a player must press down are printed on a series of parallel lines which represent the strings on the fretboard. Nonetheless, the instrument is mentioned fairly frequently in music books of the early 17th to the mid-18th century. The archlute (Spanish: archilaúd, Italian: arciliuto, German: Erzlaute) is a European plucked string instrument developed around 1600 as a compromise between the very large theorbo, the size and re-entrant tuning of which made for difficulties in the performance of solo music, and the Renaissance tenor lute, which lacked the bass range of the theorbo.

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