101 positive affirmations pdf

Thank you so much for helping to spread positivity. I’m sorry body, you’ve tried to be good to me and care for me, it’s time for me to try to be good back.

<>>> 56. I am becoming the best version of myself. It’s okay to let myself relax. I've been exploring mindfulness, mental health, and other psychology and personal growth topics for years. 5.

That’s what 101 Powerful Affirmations did for me. If you recall, I was struggling to pay off a 5 figure debt through an online business that wasn’t yet making any money. 94. Read below the signs of low self-love to see if you recognize yourself.

Think about how you’d like to live and what you’d like to accomplish as you read affirmations out loud.

I trust the Universe to help me see the good in everything and in everyone. Negativity has no part in my life. 101 positive affirmations for financial abundance life changing thoughts for daily practice Sep 01, 2020 Posted By Catherine Cookson Media Publishing TEXT ID 391db38b Online PDF Ebook Epub Library list of 101 positive affirmations they are broken into different sections included are positive affirmations for everything from success and abundance to brand building endobj

x��Wmo�6�n����&�w�CQ mܬ�:d����Ap���\YN��;JV�Z��CY��w�=�����j$'J(��K�#�i*4)����7d3�� y�v��ç+�F���9����_w�w�����$T�I{M��O���GN8�L��l8���'Z2��n2Y���]B�ထ9>�����������`����d����H-Z��[���^���He�v�tԙ�����L�{��'7�SV����BF�r6[��i�ĕ|�����B:�'7�Z�)M�������p�Ι��D 14 0 obj You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.– Lucille Ball, It’s all about falling in love with yourself and sharing that love with someone who appreciates you, rather than looking for love to compensate for a self-love deficit. “I have come to this planet to learn to love myself more, and to share that love with all those around me,” Louise wrote. This is where positive affirmations come in… They serve to neutralize the negative inner chatter and in the long term, ... That’s what 101 Powerful Affirmations did for me. 52.


47. My judgement called it disloyal. REALLY! I do not try to change anyone. 64. As we all heal ourselves, we can become healers and give the selfless gift of love and beautiful intentions for others. Self love affirmations PDF. Allow yourself to cry, to get rid of negative emotion and you’ll make room for positive ones, I chose positive thoughts because they shape our realities, I will not let myself dwell in negativity no more, I’m in charge of my actions and reactions, I have an innate power to accomplish my goals, Perfection is an unachievable goal and source of unhappiness, I am born with unique skills I’m proud of, My life experiences and life story are just my own, no use of comparing with others, I’ll use my mistakes as a source for learning and improvement, not for self-punishment, I am not someone else, and therefore, I’m not sharing someone else’s life goals, Each life story is different, and I’m paving my own path, I’ll do at least one thing that I enjoy each and every day, I’ll not beat myself up over a mistake since they’re fuel for learning, I’ll celebrate small goals since they will lead to great things, I’ll spend my time with supportive and inspirational people, I’m in a growing and changing for the better, I believe in my skills and abilities t create a better life for myself, I am worthy of the good things that are happening to me, I let go of the negative feelings and perceptions about myself, Today is my big day, I’m blooming with happiness and self-esteem, I am quite a unique creature with a beautiful spirit, I deserve love, happiness and to be cherished by others, I choose a positive attitude over the negative one, I can manage through ups and downs of my life, Little by little, I’m becoming the person I want to be, I am tougher and braver than I’ve ever known, Everything is happening for a reason, as a life lesson, My life is heading in the right direction, I use my inner voice and intuition to find out what’s best for me, I know where I’m going and my energy is directed to my destination, I’ll not let the overthinking and self-criticism ruin my self-love, I’m proud of myself because I know I’m doing my best, I am ready to accept all the things I cannot change, I enjoy the present moment and cherish being me, I’m not letting others trample my self-love and self-esteem, I believe in myself and in my talents and skills, Rude people see me the way they are, not the way I am, I’ll encourage myself without any punishment, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, I’m happy that I’m healthy, powerful and unique, I treat myself with respect since I deserve it, I don’t need validation from others, I’m unique in my talents and pursuits, I’m persistent in my efforts to make a better life for myself, I foster positive thoughts, ideas, emotions and vibrations whenever I go, I don’t need to prove myself for others and ask for their acceptance, I am not a prisoner of the past since our past is a valuable life lesson, Life is full of little wonders and opportunities, I attract positive and vibrant people in my life, I’m the one to make my own choices and decisions, I feel good about myself and am kind to myself, Each day I’m becoming more self-confident, I believe in my ability to achieve anything.

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Are you having issues with low self-love? There is a guide inside of me who is wise and will always be there to help me on my journey.

36. Well, I was once in your place: shy, awkward and alone. A “perfect” body is one that works, no matter what that means for you personally. The self love affirmations PDF is a nicely designed document that you can carry everywhere with you! If your perception of self-value is based on how others treat you and what they think about you, you should work on your self-love. 77. I can trust my intuition. 36. endstream I know that old, negative patterns no longer limit me. 49.


The adults in their lives needed to hear some of these too. No one has a perfect life, we all struggle. I was … Pick a few that you like and look in the mirror and repeat several times each day!


Therefore, these self-love affirmations help us realize that you can live your life differently. It is now safe for me to release all of my childhood traumas and move into love. Get your own free printable with 101 positive affirmations for kids and use it to have them choose their top 10 favorite positive affirmations from the list to say in times of need. – Shannon L. Alder, Lighten up on yourself.

I deserve to be treated with love and respect and so do you. Filling my mind with pleasant thoughts is the quickest road to health. 6.

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